Podcast Series: Upfront About Breast Cancer – What You Don’t Know Until You Do, with Dr Charlotte To

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Hello everyone! 

We have just launched our new podcast series: 

Upfront About Breast Cancer – What You Don’t Know Until You Do, with Dr Charlotte Tottman

Dr Charlotte Tottman established her own private practice in psycho oncology, providing psychological treatment for cancer-related distress, before being diagnosed with breast cancer herself, giving Charlotte’s understanding of a cancer experience a whole new dimension. 

Despite the circumstances, Charlotte’s own diagnosis and clinical experience enables her to connect with those who are going through comparable situations, giving them a place to reflect and relate, and learn to navigate and better understand psychological discomfort in a cancer space. 

Throughout the podcast series we have meaningful conversations about many topics, including the initial shock of diagnosis, emotional isolation, and coming to terms with those who show up, and those who may not during your journey, body image difficulties, how cancer changes your overall perception of life, the impact on sexuality and intimacy, and fear of cancer recurrence.   

Charlotte’s own vulnerability is evident in each of the episodes, which lay out her lived experience, provide explanations of psychological triggers and responses, and practical strategies that may help someone on their own cancer journey. 

We recommend that listeners exercise self-care when listening to this podcast, as some may find the content upsetting. BCNA’s Helpline provides a free confidential telephone and email service for people diagnosed with breast cancer, their family and friends. Our experienced team can help with your questions and concerns and direct you to relevant resources and services. Call 1800 500 258 or email [email protected]

Listen to the full 10-episode series now via https://bit.ly/3oD0S0C or anywhere you get your podcasts.



  • Julez1958
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    I listened to episode one of this series and it was excellent.I plan to listen to all the rest as well.
    If I am really busy I find listening to podcasts while going cooking or other household tasks or while on my daily walk .
  • Cath62
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    Have listened to 4 episodes and they are most excellent. Raw, authentic and just describes how it really is. Wilo definitely listen to the other episodes.
  • Lozzal
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    I have listed to 3 episodes so far and have found these to be very helpful.  Will definitely be listening to the rest.
  • iharris
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    Fantastic to hear you're all enjoying the podcast series! If you have a moment, we would love to hear your feedback via our survey: Assessing the Quality of BCNA Podcast Series 'Upfront About Breast Cancer' (mq.edu.au) 

  • Cath62
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    Hi, all done @iharris. Cheers 
  • gumnut
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    I'm currently listening to the podcast series. Not finished yet but what I have listened to so far (7 episodes), it is excellent, thank you to Dr Charlotte Tottman and BCNA
  • EssaB
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    I am currently working my way through the podcast series and continually find myself nodding my head and agreeing out loud.  Thank you to Dr Charlotte Tottman and BCNA for allowing a simple but effective means of acknowledging and evolving some of those disorganised thoughts that come from diagnosis and treatment.  
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    edited November 2021
    Thank you so much @EssaB for your feedback, we are so happy to hear you're enjoying the podcast series! We would love to hear your further feedback via our online survey and/or phone interview. We would be very grateful for your participation, either by
    interview, by completing a survey or both. The interview would be via phone or
    Zoom (your preference) and would take between 25 to 30 minutes of your time.
    The survey will take around 15-20 minutes. If you are interested to participate
    in the interview, please contact Basma Badreddine via email: [email protected]
    or phone, 0403 499 425.  For the survey please visit the following link: https://limesurvey.mq.edu.au/index.php/157550?lang=en.

  • lrb_03
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    @iharris is the survey meant for when you have listened to the whole series or are there episode specific questions?
    I've listened to 5 episodes so far, episode 4 twice as my podcast app seems to have replaced ep5 with a repeat of ep 4, not that I minded. I have managed to listen to it on another platform.

    I feel like that I could listen to episodes over and over and get something different from it each time.

    Thanks to those involved in putting together these great 10 episodes. I think they will benifit many people for years to come 
  • iharris
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    Morning @lrb_03
    So glad to hear you're enjoying the podcast series! The survey is available to listeners that have listened to any episodes, whether that is 1 or 10. 
    Thank you! 
  • Muma
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    This is a great podcast series, very informative & deals with subjects so relevant to our situation. Highly recommended, I've listened to all & wish it was available when I was diagnosed. Thank you to those who created it, it will help so many :)
  • gumnut
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    Dear @iharris and @Mez_BCNA
    I listened to the podcast a little while ago, it was fabulous, really well done. Charlotte was great and so much of what she said resonated with me. I really appreciate her honesty and humour.
    I tried to complete the survey - just to let you know how good the pod cast was, and I got almost to the end and it sort of cut me off and I was no longer in the survey.  A little frustrating as its quite a long survey and I wanted to pass on my thanks and congratulations.
    Best wishes
  • Caz1
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    Loved this podcast, best breast cancer one I have heard. I found I could relate to most of it, and it almost felt like, “ how did she get in my head and know that about me?!” Please do yourself a favour and give it a listen. I will be listening again  too....... it’s a 10/10 from me  :)<3
  • iharris
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    Good morning @gumnut. Apologies that the survey bumped you off towards the end. I have spoken to the people who are helping us run the survey, and they have asked if you're able to try and reopen the link to the survey from the same device (as the resuming option only works on the same IP address) and see if you can resume filling it out? We really value your feedback :)
  • iharris
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    Hello @Caz1
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment, fantastic to hear you loved the podcast series! If you have some spare time, we'd would appreciate if you could fill out our survey and provide your feedback. 
    Thank you!