Here's to all the test's we have to have - a wee jingle I made up - cause well we have to find some

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So as some of you may know I'm still going through my second round of breast cancer, and still under going all these tests that my medical have put me though,
today I chose to go through my I-Med radiology app to look over how many different producers I've been booked for, and gone through, and I came up with this wee jingle 

I could turn this into a new version of a Christmas song : you know the one
“On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me 

Well in here goes this wee tune 

 "On my second cancer diagnosis my medical team gave to me "

4 cannula’s into the veins for all the contrast dies
3 breast ultrasounds
3 biopsy ( one double, one triple, then a single )
3 mammograms
2 MRI’s
1 PET Scan
1 MRI guided biopsy
1 genetic test for family history
And still no surgery

Now tell me you just didn’t sing that tune in your head

hopefully that put a smile on your dial , as we try to stay positive and support one another this October, breast cancer awareness month 

Happy Saturday every one 

hopefully my medical team will soon know when they want to do the surgery ??? 


  • arpie
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    Bugger Bugger Bugger - so sorry to read of your recurrence @Maree72

    All the best with your treatments xxxx and Yes, I DID sing it!   xx

  • Tarma
    Tarma Member Posts: 73

    😃 thankyou for the giggle 

    🤞🤞surgery happens soon 😊
  • Julez1958
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    Yes loved that!
    I tell the scanning place where I have been a regular over the years I feel
    like a frequent flyer deserving of a free flight !

  • Maree72
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    @Julez1958 i kee saying I should have shares in the company or at least free car parking by now haha
  • Cindi
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    Sorry maree72 to hear your news, but love your sense of humour!!
    I sang along  :)
    Good luck xx
  • Blossom1961
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    I sang it!