AFL Grand Final Just to Forget About Life for Awhile

During the course of treatment over the last two years sport has been one of my happy spots to forget about life for awhile and spending it with my partner and son on the lounge or at the field.  AFL has been a life changer for my son who was able to manage his mental health while I have been sick, no about of therapy would of compared.  His footy mates and coaches embraced how he was feeling. I don't usually do this and I'm not sure this is the platform but I would love to give something back to him.  We are Brisbane based and if by chance there were any spare tickets to the Melbourne AFL GF would be a life memory.  Short notice I know but one thing I have learnt is if you don't try you don't know.  Little did we know at the Pink Lady Day at the MCG that the Brisbane Lions were going to play in the Grand Final.  


  • arpie
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    Sport is SO important as a therapy for all sorts of diagnoses - great that his coach & footy mates are helping him.

    GOOD LUCK!!!  how awesome if you could get a ticket for your son ....  but if you can't - you'll be sitting there together, watching it & bouncing off the walls!!  xx.

    Fingers crossed they can 'do the job' and WIN for you!!
  • Chrissy1121
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    Absolutely @arpie, either way we will be together enjoying time together.
  • Julez1958
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    Hi @Chrissy1121
    I believe it is important to have things to put you in another moment so you don’t dwell on the breast cancer.
    Sport ( playing and watching) are both excellent.
    I also find movies great for that reason - I am lucky enough to be semi retired and sliding towards retirement and have a friend who is retired and loves movies do she does all the organising.
    I also find regarding novels good.
    Some swear by meditation and others find craft activities good.
    It is important to find things that work fir you and yo sometimes be a little selfish to make time yo do these things 
    I am a Sydneysider so will  be watching the rugby league grand final tomorrow night.
    Take care.🌺
  • arpie
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    SO CLOSE!!!  The Lions can hold their heads high!