Recon with expanders wk 7

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Hi warriors
just wanted to ask if anyone had pains post 6 wk mark with expanders? 
I’m at wk 7 now and fully expanded and for the past 4-5 days have been experiencing dull but almost constant pain under my R boob (foob) 
not sure if I’ve been over doing it with my stretches or lifting heavy stuff and maybe pulled something. It’s in one spot and doesn’t move. No changes in the look of the breast. Having to take Panadol and ibuprofen a couple times each a day.
Any ideas or advice welcome. I don’t see my PS for a couple weeks.



  • iserbrown
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    Having reached maximum expansion with expander it will certainly feel tight.  A discomfort I remember!  Have you just started exercising again?  From what I have read 6 weeks before exercising is a recommendation. 
    Certainly a discussion with your PS will help!
    Take care
  • Abbydog
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    My expanders never hurt. But there are many variables. Perhaps you were 'filled' quicker than I was. I would call the PS for an appointment.