Unexpected new adventure

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This so wasn't what I was expecting at 58. This year has been full of health issues. Thought I was done. Then my boobs go "hold my beer"!

Process to diagnosis full of snafus. Up to and including finding out during a phone consult :( 

Early stage BC. Lump I found in one, became cancer in both. PET scan clear elsewhere. HER2+ in one - in the other. Only relatively small, but seems big to me. 

That was 2 weeks ago. Glad the initial shock has passed, and the denial. Still doesn't always feel real though.

I now have a surgeon and a date - Oct 5. Feels good to have an expert to leave the first big step with.
Still lots to learn and digest. 
I know I want reconstruction, but not totally sure on what kind. 

Already appreciating the people and resources here 💜
Thank you

(the 'adventure' reference is how my husband and I label events in our life/relationship) 


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    oh dear, @Miriam17au - definitely not the adventure that any of us had planned - and so many diversions along the way for you
     too :(   Not fair. 

    It is a huge shock to the system & can rock you to the core.   It is a shame that your surgery is still a few weeks away - as the waiting really sucks, big-time.  Try & keep busy doing stuff you really enjoy doing - or start stocking up the freezer with your favourite meals, to make it easier for you when you get home again xx. 

    All the best with joining the reconstruction group - you'll be able to ask questions there & also see pics of other people's reconstructions, to give you an idea of what to expect.

    Feel free to jump onto this thread & check out other areas in the forum that you might be interested in ....
     info on what to take to hospital with you, even a link to  'tick sheets' for you to 'self monitor' your own mental and physical health particularly following surgery.  We show off our gardens, pets, arts & crafts .... and even manage to have a laugh (we all need a laugh!)

    Whack up any questions you have here, re treatment etc - you can sort of use this thread as your 'diary' of events (if you just keep adding to it til the end of your 'active treatment'  xx)

    take care & all the best 
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    @Miriam17au I can so relate. Just remember, all adventures come to an end and the end of this one will be lovely. Maybe you should plan your next adventure to mark the end of this one, but make the next one a bit more fun.
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    Hi @Miriam17au I have sorted out your group request. You will find helpful resources within the group and you may also like to check out our webcast: ‘Breast Reconstruction – Options and Expectations’ . You will need to fill out the registration form and then you will be able to use your email to join https://kapara.rdbk.com.au/landers/393082.html and you can refer to our website page https://www.bcna.org.au/understanding-breast-cancer/treatment/breast-reconstruction/
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    Hi @Miriam17au
    Mant people refer to this as a “ journey” and I think this is correct.
    Although everyone’s experience is slightly different there are a lot of commonalities and this website and online forum is a great place to get information and support.
    The “Choosing breast reconstruction “ is an excellent private group - there are photos and stories and I found it very helpful in coming to my decision ( double mastectomy with DIEP flap reconstruction  .)
    Going fiat is also an option and there is a private group for that too.
    I was always big breasted so going flat seemed a bridge too far for me.
    Take care and you can post any question on here nothing is considered too silly or trivial and we are all here to help .