Melbourne Surgeon advice please

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Hi. I’m newly diagnosed with invasive stage 2 hormone pos. I had an appt today with a great surgeon who i found out when we were there that he is no longer operating so that felt like a waste of time. He referred me to another surgeon and I was able to see him today but I didn't really warm to him. I'm trying to decide if I want to go to someone else or just get on with it as he has a great rep. I’m feeling miserable tonight after a 12 hour day in Melb with lots of waiting around. The surgeon booked me in for sept 1 (I have a long awaited holiday to Thailand booked for Monday 14 Au - 28). Am I being ridiculous? Do I need to like the surgeon? Am I over thinking things because I’m exhausted and not sure what’s ahead? Thanks x 


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    Hi @amandainoz, I’ve just received my diagnosis today. Stage 3 hormone positive and Her2 negative. I’m currently at Alfred Hospital and have been doing some research on surgeons on this website. Happy to share the list with you:

    Craig Murphy (one of my friends recommended him when she went through BC).
    Jane O’brien
    Meron Pitcher
    Su Wen Loh
    Bruce Mann

    I’m sure Other members here will chime in shortly with who their surgeons were.
    You are not being ridiculous, we want to find someone we can trust and comfortable with. 
    I’ll send you a separate message via inbox shortly. xx
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    Ty and all the best for your next steps x
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    My surgeon is Su Wen Loh. I say is rather than was although my surgery was over ten years ago. He maintains excellent long term relations with patients and is my go to person for any odd lumps or queries (none have been a problem, but he’s happy to check). He was my GP’s find when looking for an urgent referral (she didn’t know him either). You don’t need to like your surgeon, and you don’t need to keep seeing him or her post surgery. But it’s been a good accidental result for me. Best wishes. 
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    Comment from @AFraser rings true.  It's overwhelming at the start, like or dislike didn't come into it for me.  We listened intently with suggested process and were confident in what was being suggested and why.

    I see you're Bendigo.   Is there visiting Breast Cancer surgeons for Bendigo?

    A great resource within Bendigo Health

    Best wishes 
    Take care
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    I had a great surgeon and I live in Melbourne.  I went public so that takes away the choice, but nonetheless I would recommend him. I would think some would warm to him and some may not.
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    At this point you need someone you trust to remove the cancer and keep you safe into the future. If you don’t like your surgeon you can change later. I didn’t like the surgeon who did my initial surgery and I found someone else to follow me up (he’s on @gingin list). I’ve been seeing him every year for my mammograms since and feel very comfortable with him now that I have been diagnosed with BC again. Btw take your holiday but you will need to be in town a few days before your surgery for other tests, scans procedures.  Maybe you can delay it a week?