Here I go again!

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Hi there. Newbie to this online group.  
I had my first diagnosis in 2006 at 46. A grade 3 ductal cancer for which I had a lumpectomy, radiation and hormone blockers. I had Tamoxifen until developed uterine polyps (3yrs) and then switched to Arimidex (another 5 yrs). My maternal aunt had BC first in her mid 30’s and then late 50’s before she died of mets in her mid 60’s. I’d had annual mammograms since 40 because of my family history but have no genetic markers. All going well until my last mammogram which showed another BC in the same breast. This time a lobular cancer.  Luckily very small and no spread but still devastating.  I’ve had another lumpectomy- because I would not speak the M word! I’m now recovering from that and have started hormone blockers - again. I can’t have radiation again in the same side - which I’m thankful for - and I don’t need chemo - again very grateful. However I feel my surgeon would prefer me to have had a mastectomy ( that word I will not speak of!). I see home again in a few months and I’m thinking this is what he will recommend to keep me safe.  At least I’ve had time to get my head around this and find out more about it - I just didn’t feel I could make that decision in the days between my biopsy results and surgery. 
Anyway I’ve been reading lots of posts here and finding out more each day. I have a bit more knowledge under my belt from my previous experience and in some ways that makes it worse!  I worry about the impact of hormone blockers on my long term health and my ability to keep fit and keep the weight under control. And I’m concerned about a reconstruction and how long the recovery will be.  
One of the worst things about the past few weeks is that we had to cancel a much anticipated overseas trip.  We haven’t travelled since 2019 so we are keen to get back travelling but not to be!  I keep saying to our kids I’m not sure how many good travel years we have left and there’s so much still to see!  🤣🤣


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    Damn - that's not fair!  @PrisMay1 .... but we have to play the cards we are dealt  :(  And you have the support of all the members here, to help you thru it xx

    xx Your pathology results from your lumpectomy will guide your surgeon as to whether he recommends the M word or not .... the one you prefer not to hear ..... but if that puppy isn't doing you any favours - it may be the way to go.  :( Just ask him if he would recommend the same to his wife, daughter, sister or mother ..... He is making the hard decisions that he believes is in your best interest xx

    Reconstruction means more, longer surgery & recovery - but cross that bridge when you get there .....

    I've been on Anastrozole for 4.5 years now & it has agreed with me more than Letrozole and Exemestane - Tamoxifen is the only AI I haven't tried!

    I hope you are able to get refunds on your travel .... tho some surgeons allow travel 'in between' treatments/surgery if it isn't a really long trip ....

    take care & all the best xx
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    Thanks @arpie.  I’m on Exemestane this time so will see how that goes… 
    I have a lovely surgeon and I know he only wants what’s best for me. 
    I’ve been able to get refunds on most of our trip. The booking agent we used for accommodation did some advocating for me and I got all but 1 of my hotels refunded even though they were non refundable bookings. I lost $1000 from my flights as a cancellation fee. Thankfully I told my travel insurer that I had BC in the past. I’d got out of the habit of doing that thinking well I had BC, I don’t have it now! But it could have been used to deny my claim. In the meantime we’ll do smaller trips and rebook this one for later on. 
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    Hi @PrisMay1
    I think many of us have had to cancel long awaited holidays as a result of our BC diagnosis - that’s the way the cookie crumbles unfortunately.
    I didn’t really have any choice about a mastectomy as my ( lobular) tumour was so big.
    I ended up opting for a double mastectomy for a variety of reasons and had the DIEP flap reconstruction - all these decisions are very personal .
    Take care 🌺