Friday Update - 21st July 2023

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Friday greetings,

BCNA was very busy in June with face to face forums, which I will share in the update along with last week's online event (You can still register to view the on-demand recording when which is now available).

There are also several news items and social posts regarding the recent 'Door knocking' activity in Canberra; Field of Women and more.  

Community Highlights

Popular Forum Discussions 
If you have missed some of the most active discussions in the last few weeks, you can check them out via the links below:

Featured Private Group - 'Living with metastatic breast cancer'

With so many tailored private groups available through the Online Network, I have decided to 'feature' a group in my Friday Updates for those who are new to the community or haven't explored groups. The Living with metastatic breast cancer group was created to provide a safe space to connect with others for peer support, hope and encouragement. Metastatic breast cancer is when cancer cells have spread from the original cancer site in the breast to more distant parts of the body. Terms such as advanced breast cancer, secondary breast cancer, stage IV breast cancer, metastases and secondaries are all different ways of describing metastatic breast cancer – they all mean the same thing. The original cancer in the breast is known as the ‘primary’ breast cancer.

Community News

BCNA  - New alert for scam door knockers

It's recently come to our attention people claiming to represent Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) are knocking on doors in Canberra and asking for donations. BCNA does not door knock and these people do not represent our organisation CLICK HERE to read full details.

BCNA - Stand with me at the 'G'

ONLY ONE MONTH TO GO until Breast Cancer Network Australia’s iconic Field of Women is back on the MCG!

On Sunday August 20, stand with us to help fill the Pink Lady and show support for all Australians affected by breast cancer. Everyone is welcome to join us standing on the 'G!

Book now via the link

BCNA Podcast - What you don't know until you do: Unlimited - EP3
It is common for people to search for an explanation to help them make sense of a situation and why it may have happened to them. Within a cancer context, people often want to understand what caused their cancer and what they did that may have resulted in their diagnosis.

In episode 3 of Upfront – What You Don’t Know Until You Do: Unlimited, Charlotte explores the thinking behind causal beliefs and breaks down the common elements and lifestyle behaviours people think may have contributed to their diagnosis. We also learn about risks associated with causal beliefs and discover the acceptance model CLICK HERE to listen

ABC News - Are mammograms only for older women? Not always - Jess was 27 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer
If you didn't catch it, it's not too late - last Sunday ABC featured a story about mammograms, including explaining what a mammogram is, what happens during one, if they hurt, who should have one, can you have one under 40 and are there any risks. They interviewed experts - including our own CEO Kirstin - to help breakdown the myths. CLICK HERE for the full story.

Think Pink 

Have you heard of the Think Pink Foundation? Programs are run online via Zoom and Live at the Centre (Victoria)

Next week's sessions can be booked directly via the 
website or from the links below. Next weeks programs are:
July calendar download: CLICK HERE

BCNA Forums/Webcasts

Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) hosted information forums in Bunbury and Karratha, WA, for everyone affected by breast cancer, including their supporters. The forums covered a range of topics including current and emerging treatments to support living well with early and metastatic breast cancer, strategies to enhance physical and emotional wellbeing, and living well during treatment and beyond. 

You can watch on-demand via the links:
Watch on-demand here (Karratha)
Watch on-demand videos (Bunbury


Did you miss last week's webcast? Ask the Expert: Understanding and managing pain with metastatic breast cancer  

We heard from Dr. Belinda Yeo, Medical Oncologist. Dr. Yeo is jointly appointed to the Austin Hospital as a medical oncologist and Olivia Newtown-John Cancer Research Institute as a clinician scientist, located in Melbourne. She is also co-lead of the VCCC Research and Education Stream for breast cancer. 

This webcast aimed to increase knowledge about different types of pain and tips to assist in explaining your type of pain to your treating team. It will also included information about current therapies, and strategies to help maintain quality of life when living with pain associated with metastatic breast cancer. 

REGISTER VIA LINK to watch the recording

Books/Movies/TV Series/Documentaries

Dr Liz O’Riordan is a breast cancer surgeon who has battled against social, physical and mental challenges to practise at the top of her field.  Liz faced her own breast cancer diagnosis, severe depression and suicidal thoughts, in tandem with commonplace sexual harassment and bullying. And by revealing how she coped when her life crashed around her, she demonstrates there is always hope Under the Knife: Life Lessons from the Operating Theatre

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