Feeling alone and scared

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I’m 36 with two young kids, newly diagnosed with lobular carcinoma. Have had a single mastectomy with axillary clearance. Pathology report shows 120mm (12cm) tumour (clear margins) and 23 lymph nodes removed, 10 with cancer. Starting 20 weeks of chemo in a couple of weeks, then radio, then hormone therapy (10 years). 
Doctor and oncologist use the term ‘treating for a cure’ however I’m still afraid about what the lymph node involvement means for my future.
Im looking for stories of people in a similar position and how you are looking at the situation and stories of inspiration of people who had lymph node involvement and how they are getting on down the track. Thanks. 


  • Zoffiel
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    @Lauren11 I was 43 at my first diagnosis; also a sizable lymph involved lobular tumour. That was nearly 17 years ago. I did have a local recurrence at the 10 year mark (there really is no point in sugar coating this shit) but I'm still here.

    Chemo sucks for a week a month, rads are a lottery--you either cruise it or end up so resembling a roast chicken that you attract stray dogs-- and the hormone stuff is moderately horrible at first but you get used to it eventually.

    Don't get too involved with the timeframes for treatment. That time would pass anyway. Just keep plodding forward. Mxx