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It’s a long time since I posted here. Herceptin has been doing a great job as scans 6 months ago came back NED! In July I had a nasty fall and needed skin graft on right knee area, 3 weeks in public hospital, then another 3 in private hospital for wound care and rehab.  All good until scan 14 Feb. new spots on a rib and lower spine, and brain! That was a shock! MRI showed 7 lesions in brain which were treated promptly with stereotactic radiation therapy, only one session required. I’ll see radiation oncologist on 21 April.
I’m old and tired and apart from ongoing herceptin, I don’t want any more treatments. I’ve outlived my “use by” date!!
good wishes to all 


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    Hi there @Opoho, I am very sorry you have this news. It is a shock indeed. I am currently being monitored for bone mets after a fracture in my spine at T9. So far I am ok but they keep doing mri's to monitor me. I would be a bit scared if they found mets and fed up so I hear what you are saying.

    Good only one round of radium so far. I know you know all the things to do and how to keep yourself going until that appointment. Do you have family to support you?

    You say you are old but I am not sure of your age. I guess you know about how treatments have improved etc. What treatment if any has been proposed for you?

    Sending a virtual hug to you. ❤
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    Dear @Opoho,

    from jennyss in Western NSW
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    Thanks for support. I’m 81 years young, haha 😆 I’m lucky as I have a great husband and a good team of care providers. Also we live in a friendly over 50s village where people look out for each other. Beautiful morning today!
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    SO sorry to hear this news @Opoho - terrific that you have a great hubby & care providers to look out for you xx. 

    It is a Glorious day here too - a nice break from the wind & rain over Easter!

    Take care & all the best xx. Just get out there & do whatever you enjoy doing, & are able to do xx

    No more falls tho!   :#   I hope your wounds are all healed now xx