Pathology results from surgery

SuzyS Member Posts: 39
Saw my surgeon today and got my results. He was surprised to find I have two different types of Breast Cancer.
I have Stage 1 -mixed ICC in breast and Stage 2 -DCIS in 1st sentinal lymph node.
Have an appointment Friday (17th) with the radio. oncologist then 30th March with the medical oncologist. Radioitheraphy is definately happening, aromatase meds also definite.
Chemo is unknown at the moment.


  • arpie
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    You really ARE special, @SuzyS ..... not many have 2 types of BC - but I have heard of it!  

    All the best with your Onc appointments. ..... don't forget to record your appointments, as it can be difficult to remember everything that is said at the time .... 

    Once you see them & have a 'game plan', you should feel more settled .... fingers crossed you don't need chemo .... 

    take care xx
  • SuzyS
    SuzyS Member Posts: 39
    Thanks @arpie, have to admit the results took me (and my surgeon) by surprise. Fortunately when I asked for a copy of the pathology report he gave it to me so I was able to absorb it better when I got home.