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Calling out to MBC's beyond 5 years!

Hello :) I am keen to connect in person with other women in their 40's in Brisbane who are travelling well with MBC beyond five years. I find myself only with older ladies when attending MBC support groups, which is lovely, but I feel the need to form friendships with others closer to my own age who are doing well(ish) and have the longevity to truly understand what it's like to be still living with MBC so far down the track. xx


  • Keeping_positive1
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    Hi @MetsChic_2017 I notice this is your first post.  Totally understandable wanting to connect with others closer to your age group.  There is a Metastatic breast cancer group you can join if you wish.  You may find other members living closer to you that you can meet up with.

    Admin are probably not able to add you to the group over the weekend, but I will bring this thread to their attention for you.

    @Mez_BCNA can you please add @MetsChic_2017 to the mets group, as she is looking to connect with others in Brisbane who are similar in age to her.

    All the best and glad you are connecting here as there is a lot of support you can tap into on this forum.

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    Thankyou @Keeping_positive1. You should have access to the group @MetsChic_2017, however please reach out if you need assistance
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    @MetsChic_2017 I live in Brisbane, I walk regularly around central Brisbane. I'm am likely to be a long term with MBC.  I am living well at the moment but suffer side effects of hormone treatments - joint stiffness and pain but the regular movement - walking so far helps with that.