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How to organise your support team any ideas

frann Member Posts: 1
I have just been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer as a first diagnosis 1 month post my husbands death from bowel/ liver cancer. I laos have an adult child with chronic fatigue who needs quiet and a schedule etc..... .Nil family in Australia but a whole group of amazing friends who want to help. I am waiting for my treatment plan but how to you organise all these offers of support.I dont even know what I need.


  • Locksley
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    @frann sorry to see you here and especially since the passing of your husband.  

    I have a vague memory of an app someone had suggested about gathering your crew for help but my brain doesn't work so well.  Hopefully someone will remember it.

    Definitely accept the help offered with things like meals lawn mowing taking you to apts etc and help with your sons needs.

    Could you perhaps nominate a friend as a team leader. 
  • Polly Rose
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    Hi Frann
    The is app available in the App Store and is called “ Gather My Crew”. It’s a free app and it allows you to put in all of the jobs that you might need help with and friends can look it up and nominate which jobs they would be able to assist with and when. You could still have one friend act as the organiser/leader and it will streamline everything for you.
    Its great that you have the support of some good friends and I hope you are able to sort out a care plan soon and surround yourself with these important people. Take care xx
  • wendy55
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    Hi @Frann,
    If you would like to join the Living With Metastatic Breast Cancer Group,please email @Mez_BCNA, and she will arrange, I am not going to give any advice or info at the moment you have enough to contend with,just know that along with your own support team we are here for you, my name is wendy and I am living with, and have had metastatic breast cancer for 9 years, mine also was a denovo diagnosis {first time diagnosis}

  • jennyss
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    Dear @frann,

    from jennyss in Western NSW
  • Mez_BCNA
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    Hi @frann, I have sent you an invitation if you should choose to join the 'Living with metastatic breast cancer' private group