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Adrenal mets - anyone?

colthul Member Posts: 19
Background info:
Diagnosed TNBC in July 2021. Finished chemo in December 12/12 Tax and 4/4 Carbo. Also had 3/5 Immunotherapy (Nivomulab) which caused kidney injury so couldn't finish all 5 rounds. Currently taking 70mg/day of prednisone to get them working again.

Lumpectomy found 6mm of tumor remaining and sentinel node was negative but showed treatment effect. Oncologist decided no further chemotherapy required - I am getting a second opinion on this later this month.
Currently going through radiation. Doing 30 zaps due to the node having treatment effect.

Went for a chest CT on Tuesday - I have had a bit of a cough, breathlessness and aching chest. GP wanted to make sure nothing sinister and to also follow up after I had pneumonia during treatment. Chest is clear but they noticed a nodule on my adrenal gland and have recommended another CT specifically on the adrenal gland. GP isn't overly concerned, she was lovely and reassuring. But then GP and I weren't concerned about the "cyst" in my breast that ended up being TNBC.

I'm usually the person that goes to the best case scenario but really struggling this time because of the shock of finding out I had BC in the first place. I think the fact that the sentinel node showed treatment effect now has me jumping at shadows all over the place.

So, after all that.....my questions is - has anyone experienced mets on their adrenal gland? I have googled of course (yes, bad idea I know) and there isn't a great deal out there which makes me feel a little optimistic. I also tried searching threads in here but couldn't find much. Kind of hoping that the nodule is my gland having a hissy fit about all the steroids I have been taking (started at the beginning of November, weaned off late Jan and then kidney function dived again so back on high dose and they don't seem to be recovering like they did last time).

CT scan is scheduled for tomorrow and then check in with Dr on Monday. Don't you hate having to wait over the weekend for news??


  • Halla
    Halla Member Posts: 185
    The CT scan found a nodule on my lung that the doctors were not too concerned about, but had a follow up CT to check for any size increase a few months later. All was ok, no change in size, so nothing to worry about, was not Mets. 

    Good luck with your results.
  • Abbydog
    Abbydog Member Posts: 445
    Dear colthul,
    I don't know if this helps, or is very different.
    When I had my staging CT, it revealed a Adrenal tumour. That was Feb 2020.
    I've had 2 more annual scans, the tumour is unchanged.
    My Dr is considering it a benign tumour.
  • Bagnara
    Bagnara Member Posts: 36
    Hi,colthul , 
    I have adrenal gland metastases. ( breast cancer has also spread to lung,bone,brain & lympth).

    One adrenal glad is normal and the one with metastases  is 4 times larger .
    The plan is to have more CT scans to review it in  6 weeks & treat  with radiotherapy 
    I also googled & didn't find out a lot  & Yes, I also kmow its not good idea to google info !

    Do they have any plans for treatment or is it a wait approach ? 
  • Abbydog
    Abbydog Member Posts: 445
    Dear colthul,
    How did you get on with your scan?
    I hope that you are doing well.
  • colthul
    colthul Member Posts: 19
    Hi Abbydog, 

    Scan was inconclusive. The recommendation was to either do a MRI or wait and scan again in 3 months to see if there was any change. I mentioned it to my oncologist and he decided to send me for the MRI to put everyone's minds at ease. MRI determined it was an adenoma, sigh of relief! Turns out they saw it on my original PET scan and it hasn't changed in size. 
  • Abbydog
    Abbydog Member Posts: 445
    That's great news.

  • iserbrown
    iserbrown Member Posts: 5,429
    Sigh of relief!
    Best wishes 
    Take care