Webcast: The Role of Radiotherapy in the Treatment of DCIS and Early Breast Cancer

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Hello everyone,

BCNA are holding a webcast on Thursday 9 December, 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm AEDT on The Role of Radiotherapy in the Treatment of DCIS and Early Breast Cancer. 

Some people diagnosed with breast cancer may be recommended radiotherapy as part of their treatment. 

Radiotherapy is usually recommended after breast conserving surgery, and sometimes after mastectomy, to reduce the chance of DCIS and early breast cancer returning in the affected breast. Radiotherapy is carefully planned to make sure that you receive the greatest benefit from the treatment and have limited side effects. 

In this webcast you’ll hear from specialist Radiation Oncologist at the Northern Sydney Cancer Centre, Associate Professor Gillian Lamoury, Oncology Nurse at Genesis Care, Sophie Andrews and BCNA consumer Susan Manks. Susan will share her experience of radiotherapy after being diagnosed in 2019. 

We will explore the use for radiotherapy including the benefits for the treatment of DCIS and early breast cancer, current and emerging techniques of radiotherapy delivery, the planning process and the factors that influence delivery, side effects and ways to manage them, follow up care and the costs associated with treatment.

To register, please follow this link, https://kapara.rdbk.com.au/landers/f19ef8.html 

Event Details:

When: Thursday, December 9, 2021
What Time:
 07:00 PM AEDT - 08:00 PM AEDT
Local Times:
- WA: 04:00 PM

- NT: 05:30 PM
- SA: 06:30 PM
- QLD: 06:00 PM
- ACT, NSW, TAS, VIC: 07:00 PM


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    Reminder! Don't miss tomorrow's webcast:

    Join specialist Radiation Oncologist at the Northern Sydney Cancer Centre, Associate Professor Gillian Lamoury, Oncology Nurse at Genesis Care, Sophie Andrews and BCNA consumer Susan Manks as they discuss their experience and expertise with radiotherapy in BCNA’s upcoming webcast on Thursday 9 December 7:00PM AEDT.

    Register now via the link below and comment below the questions you would like answered on radiotherapy.

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    Great webinar last night! Congrats to BCNA for providing another informative session. The speakers were great & well informed. I had DCIS 4 years ago but if I had it now, sounds like a few things would be done differently. Goes to show how the professionals are constantly learning & adapting their treatments to provide an even better service & outcome. Well done xx
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    Good morning everyone! The on-demand recording from last weeks webcast is now live - https://kapara.rdbk.com.au/landers/f19ef8.html
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    I didnt get a chance to watch this webcast but I will be interested, considering in 2012 I had DCIS, I had a lumpectomy, radiation and tamoxifen for 4yrs to only have a recurrence in the same breast, same spot 4yrs later. :/