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noosa_blue150 Member Posts: 209
edited October 2021 in Metastatic breast cancer
Hi there -seems I have joined the club that none wants to join when we get that diagnosis of breast cancer 
Initially it was early breast cancer diagnosed by mammogram , then chemo/lumpectomy/radiation and further kadcycla /TDM1chemo
First post here after being diagnosed this week with bone metastases in L3 and 7th ribs. I will,be talking to a radiation specialist next week re radiation , and will take a list of questions with me , but I was wondering if anyone in this group can fill me in on how,they found  it as well? I’m one of,those people who like to know and mull over things 
Previous radiation was to Left breast triple positive cancer earlier in the year post lumpectomy . Was over 4 weeks , with mepitel guarding my skin .realise it will be easier I think than breast radiation but wondering what side effects and duration 


  • Lisa1407
    Lisa1407 Member Posts: 258
    Hi @noosa_blue150, I had my L2 irradiated only 4 weeks ago. I recommend you try to get stereotactic radiation if your lesions are small. If you have this type of radiation it would be 2 high doses for each of you L3 and rib. They may do L3 and rib one day, then a rest day, with final day being the third day. I didn't really get any side effects other than fatigue and a bit of nausea - they will give you ondancetron for the nausea as a pre-med because L3 is near your stomach and digestive tract. This kind of radiation should get rid of your mets and they will not come back in the same spot!! I am sure there will be someone in your area that does this sort of radiation even though it is a relatively new technique. Good luck.
  • noosa_blue150
    noosa_blue150 Member Posts: 209
    Thanks Lisa , that’ info is reassuring . 
  • arpie
    arpie Member Posts: 7,003
    All the best for your treatment, @noosa_blue150 xx

    @JoeyLiz is a radiation therapist and may be able to jump on & give you some info as well .... she is busy with a young family, but hopefully will spot the 'tag' xx

  • HinterlandSian
    HinterlandSian Member Posts: 23
    Hi @noosa_blue150
    Do you know how big your spine Mets are? My onc said mine were to small to bother with radiation. How 25mm can be too small is beyond me because I would personally call that "pretty f#$king big!"
    Oh well, I guess we just have to trust that they know what they're doing.
    Good luck.
  • noosa_blue150
    noosa_blue150 Member Posts: 209
    edited October 2021
    I have copies of MRI /CT SCan and Bone scan report - no actual measurements other than it takes up most of,L3 .The radiation dr will,have access to the film/scans . It’s possible if it’s too small that radiation may not happen although I’m having back pain as well ( not excruciating) so that may temper their decision too I think .
  • Lisa1407
    Lisa1407 Member Posts: 258
    @noosa_blue150 not too small for stereotactic radiation!! Exactly what this radiation is for - focussing on smaller mets! I am not sure how big or small mine mets were, but my guess is that some of them were smaller than 25 mm!
  • Glynnis
    Glynnis Member Posts: 350
    Hi @noosa_blue150, I wish you well for your treatment. I too have just found out that the cancer in my pelvis has grown to 20mm, I also have spots in middle spin and lower spin but meds are keeping that under control, I’m wait8ng on an MRI and the suggestion has been to get radiation the the pelvis area, I’m also in the mind of requesting it I think for my peace of mind. 
  • noosa_blue150
    noosa_blue150 Member Posts: 209
    edited November 2021
    Hi Glynnis  - it’s certainly worth discussing with your oncologist and a radiation oncologist . I got the impression it was going to be a option for me for a while -I didn’t ask if there are issues with number of spots or size of metastases down the track , but will do depending on results of PET scan when I see her again  .  Stereotactic radiotherapy now being used more aggressively than in the past