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Breast cancer of no specific type

LBUSHLBUSH Brisbane Member Posts: 9
I was diagnosed with early breast cancer of ‘ no specific type’ meaning not lobular or ductal… I have tried to find out more about it and I am finding nothing out there on any of my web searches . Does anyone know of any information out there on this particular breast cancer? Any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks for your time …


  • HallaHalla Travancore, MelbourneMember Posts: 159
    I think most invasive breast cancer is NST ie once it has left the ducts or lobules and has invaded other tissue it is either a specific type, or not. I think the specific types are more the exception. I had some patches of NST and some - more unusual - mucinous cancers.
  • LBUSHLBUSH Brisbane Member Posts: 9
    Great thank you @Halla and @iserbrown… I think I over think everything 🥴🤣
  • HallaHalla Travancore, MelbourneMember Posts: 159
    Totally natural @LBUSH, so do I! I wanted to understand every tiny detail of my pathology report!  It’s great your cancer has been diagnosed as early. What other information do you have about it so far?
  • iserbrowniserbrown Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 4,853

    Here's another link that may help you.  The BCNA website is a wealth of information 

    "Fact sheet: Breast cancer pathology | Breast Cancer Network Australia" https://www.bcna.org.au/resource/fact-sheet-breast-cancer-pathology/
  • LBUSHLBUSH Brisbane Member Posts: 9
     Hi @Halla ,I was told after my biopsy I had a small early breast cancer (NST)  no lymph nodes involved, hormone positive.. I had a lumpectomy and sentimental lymph node removed .. They found cancer in the node and had trouble getting a good margin around tumour as it was very superficial..So they decided against going back in to see how many nodes where involved and they did  16 rounds chemo and 30 radiation treatments…I am now on AI (6 months in) , and hating every minute of it as I am experiencing severe wrist pain along with hip/ankle pain , I can deal with the hip and ankle pain but the wrists are unbearable.I guess I am just doing research now as I am wondering if I can get away with not taking the hormone treatment.. Yes I am the same as you and needed to understand the pathology of it all ..sometimes I think my little bit of knowledge isn’t helpful, but I like to know what’s going on as it is my body and my cancer …How are you going?.
  • HallaHalla Travancore, MelbourneMember Posts: 159
    Oh @lblush that must have been so disappointing to learn you had to have chemo when they thought at first you didn’t have it in the node…but great that the lump was small and hormone positive..

    I had quite a few tumours, and DCIS, and LCIS  stretching 9.5 cm overall but miraculously for me the sentinel node was clear. I had the opposite experience to you because at first they thought from the ultrasound that I did have a lump in my node,  but when they biopsied it, it was clear. 

    So after the lumpectomy I had radiation for a month and now take femara. I actually had an Ultrasound today because I had some worrying tender spots under my arm but they said it was ok. So now a waiting game until next scans in April. 

    I’m tired and achy in the neck , head and shoulders but I think most of that is (melbourne) lockdown related, working too hard at the computer at home and not getting enough movement. So I’m hoping things will improve once I am more active🤞🏻🤞🏻

    I like to know exactly what’s going on too, I think knowledge is how I cope or feel more in control of the future.
  • LBUSHLBUSH Brisbane Member Posts: 9
     @Halla ..so pleased the ultrasound was all clear , it’s anxiety breeding 🥴 are you sticking with the femera?.  Yes It was very disappointing to find it in the nodes, because the tumour was so small, The doctors where shocked as well .. I am now waiting on genetic testing as I am adopted, I did find my birth family on Ancestry.com , my birth mother had died of breast cancer at 49 yrs. I never got to meet her , but in finding out that tiny bit of history we found my cancer … so there is good in everything 🙂 
  • HallaHalla Travancore, MelbourneMember Posts: 159
    Oh wow, what a story! She saved you! Amazing!

    Yes I may as well stick to femara, I’m not really having problems with it yet. I do have the neck, shoulder and head pain but I had that before anyway… it may be making it worse but who knows. I have only been taking it for about 3 months though so 🤞🏻🤞🏻Hopefully it settles down for you!
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