Exercise and Taxol

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Hey Ladies.

I've finished the dreaded AC and starting taxol today. I've been walking a lot during the whole process with some light workouts but want to get back to my usual fitness stuff. Maybe not so heavy but definitely hiking. 

How has everyone else coped with working out or whatever was manageable? 



  • Cath62
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    Hi @Nix ,

    I walked every day for at least 50 mins to 1 hr during AC and taxol. I am 58 yrs old and always did some walking. I was slower during chemo but I found the exercise really helped me stay well and I am 100%sure it helped me mentally and physically get through my treatment. I also did some weights and pilates type exercises during treatment as well. During treatment I walked a bit in national parks but probably only ever managed 1 hr walks. 

    We are all different but if you are able to do more than you are doing, go for it. There are so many benefits for you mentally and physically, not to mention that exercise also increases your chances of bc not returning. My oncologist advised that exercise reduces bc return rate by 40%. 

    Since finishing active treatment I do 1 pilates class a week, 1 acqa aerobics class per week and I continue my walks too. I am trying to maintain my weight on these tamoxifen pills. I have put on 1.5 kg and have noticed it so need to relook at my diet. I have over indulged a little of late.

    Good luck. Sounds like you are doing well with treatment. 
  • Sister
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    You don't say where you are but there may be an oncology exercise place near you - the right type of exercises at the right pace.
  • MicheleR
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    Hi @Nix,

    I went to an exercise physiologist during taxol and exercised to a moderate level (appropriate heart rate etc). I think this really helped with fatigue and my recovery. Quickly felt better after chemo. Took a break during radiotherapy as too many appts but started again after i recovered from skin problems and now doing 1 hr vigorous with exercise physiologists. My firness levels have increased a lot. 

    The benefit of oncology service physios is that you get carefully watched, they tailor program to your needs, symptoms etc. 

  • RiotAtMidnight
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    Hi Michelle

    I’ve been fortunate to be part of an exercise study where I’ve been working out three times a week with an exercise physiologist. I have my final dose of Taxol next week. The best part of working with someone knowledgeable about chemo and cancer has been that I feel confident to push myself to exercise harder or more than I might otherwise. I’ve also developed some heart problems due to chemo but am still smashing out some decent cardio and weights sessions! It’s not strictly necessary to do a 1:1 session every time, an exercise physiologist could also develop a program for you that you then do yourself and only check in with them sometimes. More affordable that way too. Best wishes for this next stage of treatment. Exercise has truly been the best investment during this time.
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    Hi Nix and also Riot @ Midnight ( I do love your name!)
    I was lucky to dodge chemo but didn’t dodge a mastectomy and radiotherapy.
    I saw an exercise physiologist at Kinghorn Centre associated with St Vincent’s and it was really useful.
    I also went on a diet.
    Result is I lost 9 kilos and got a lot fitter.
    There  is a lot of research to show exercise reduces risk of recurrence and cancer is such a life changing experience it’s a good opportunity to take stock of your health.
    The reality is that exercising more and being more careful about your diet will benefit your heart health as well.
    Plus walking is also great for your mental health.
    All the best with your journey😊