Aches and pains...

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One year into Arimidex and keen to know what others do to relieve the joint aches and pains. Hot flashes have reduced to occasional events (short trips to the tropics 😉) but there's been no let up on the aches and pains. Nevertheless, loving every day!! 


  • FLClover
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    I’ve just switched to Arimidex after trying Letrozole and then Exemestane. Def not going back to Letrozole, but will see how I go on Arimidex. Hoping carpal tunnel stays away 
  • arpie
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    I've been on Arimidex for 2.5 years now ( I had 6 wks on Letrozole, 6 months on Exemestane) and am happiest on Arimidex so far.  My aches & pains are nowhere near as bad as 'L & E' ... but still there.  I DO take some magic oil tho, that I am sure has helped!  I had Trigger finger & worsened arthritis on L & E .... less so on Arimidex.
    All the best xx