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I have recently been given the diagnosis we all dread, metastatic her2+++ in my liver I started treatment with Pacitaxel with pertuzumab and trastuzumab. I had a reaction after 7 minutes of pacitaxel so it was stopped the next week when I went for next treatment I was informed that they were changing the treatment to trastuzumab and vinorelbine  in three weeks time. I am really anxious about the whole situation the oncologist that I have been seeing for past eight years has been on leave and I have dealt with three different oncologists since receiving the diagnosis four weeks ago and it seems impossible to get information about the change of treatment. When first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012 I was given lots of information and support this time it feels like all I am getting is pity and am all alone and anxiety is eating me alive I am trying to be positive but it seems so much harder this time around. 


  • MicheleR
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    Hi @Leni162,

    Im so sorry that you are in this situation and the lack of support you seem to be receiving.  I hope your normal oncologist comes back soon and they are a better support. 

    Im sending you a virtual hug and i know the other ladies will all offer support too. 


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    Do you have a breast cancer nurse @Leni162?  It may also be worth contacting BCNA helpline team on 1800 500 258 (9-5 AEST )or Cancer Council on Cancer Council 13 11 20 (not sure of hours).  They can give you info or point you in the right direction.

    Aside completely from your treatment regime, it might be worth considering help from a counsellor or psychologist who deals with cancer effects as what you are going through is very traumatic.
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    Hello @Leni162
    I am sorry to hear that you cancer has spread and that you are struggling presently.  As said above, reach out for some support, don't hesitate to call our helpline to speak with a cancer nurse.  It can help to talk things over and for some guidance regarding your concerns. You may like to join the private 'Living with metastatic breast cancer' group here in the online network, its a very supportive group to connect with as well.  It may be helpful to make another oncology appointment to discuss some of your concerns regarding your treatment regime as this is causing you much distress, do you have a chemo nurse or breast care nurse that you can contact?  Take care of you, all the best
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    thank you for your thoughts and advice. It all happened so quickly I was feeling overwhelmed.
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    Hi @Leni162

    Sorry to hear about the spread of cancer to the liver.  There are a lot of treatment options now for metastatic disease, there are quite a few ladies with metastatic her2+ cancer on the network. I am sure someone from that group will be able to provide more information on their treatment.

    I hope your regular oncologist returns soon and sending you virtual hugs and positive vibes.  If you don’t mind my asking, was your initial cancer in 2012 also her2+
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    Sending you a big, warm hug and wishing you all the best @Leni162 <3