DIEP flap reconstruction

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I was wondering of others experiences of DIEP flap reconstruction.  From my research it seems to be the most natural way to reconstruct a breast.  My surgeon did not seem confident that he would be able to create symmetry using this method.  When I look at google images it seems that it is very possible to achieve a really excellent result this way.  
What are the experiences of others?  What does one do if in the public system without private health insurance?  Is there a way to request a particular surgeon?  
What are the options?  Can one simply pay for the plastic surgeon and do the rest on public?  Thank you for your comments and experiences.


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    Hi @Sally_T75,
    I think the DIEP flap would def be the most natural way to reconstruct a breast. It is, however, also quite a long surgery with a long recovery time. Lots of women on this forum have had a DIEP done, and you can see their results and read about their experiences with it in the reconstruction group. It’s a private group so just make a request to join, then you can check out the photo stories and ask questions there 👌🏻. 
    In terms of payment, I asked if I could pay my surgeon privately and have my mastectomies done publicly, and they agreed. But it was in a hospital that offered both options. Some hospitals don’t offer this. You’ll prob be best finding a surgeon you like who works both private and public, and try to organise it that way. 
    I’m sure some other ladies will share their experiences with you. 
    Good luck! 🍀
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    As @FLClover says, the payment options will depend on the hospital/surgeon.  The DIEP is the one that my surgeon has recommended for me but it is major abdominal surgery so I am reluctant at this stage to do it.  It can have complications as can any surgery but I have heard lots of good reports of it.  
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    Hi @Sally_T75 - why don't you join the Breast Reconstruction group as many of us there have had DIEPs. https://onlinenetwork.bcna.org.au/group/1-choosing-breast-reconstruction