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Possible lung mets shock

jamavon Member Posts: 23
edited November 2020 in Metastatic breast cancer
Hi, At my 1 year check up for a Phyllodes tumour ( mastectomy and radiation ) they have found a 7mm lung node. PET scan on Thursday. Day off work today....how do you get through this? 


  • ddon
    ddon Member Posts: 349
    Waiting for the PET and then the results is awful. You will get through but it’s hard and I just wanted to send a warm hug xx
  • Dory65
    Dory65 Member Posts: 323
    This must be a horrible shock @jamavon. Fingers and everything crossed for you - it might not be as bad as you fear. Can you see your GP for something to help you sleep or calm you, if your mind is racing? Avoid alcohol - it just makes things worse. Keep eating well and drink lots of water...Anything that brings you into the present moment can help ease the anxiety. Google "bubble breathing mindfulness" exercises. I also like Insight Timer. I used it recently when I couldn't sleep. It calmed me down - actually I really enjoyed having The Velveteen Rabbit read to me at 3 a.m.  :)
  • FLClover
    FLClover Member Posts: 1,513
    @Dory65 I’ve had a few kids books read to me too at 3am by Insight Timer. My fave was Cinderella 😄. Anything that works 👌🏻
  • ChezaH
    ChezaH Member Posts: 549
    Sending hugs for a positive outcome.
  • jamavon
    jamavon Member Posts: 23
    edited November 2020
    Thank you all for the support.....Getting through one day at a time....I am reaching out to a couple of places for a second opinion. With such a rare cancer I want the best possible care I can get. 

    My issue is sleeping too much lol and wanting to avoid work ( writing school report comments at the moment ) 
  • arpie
    arpie Member Posts: 7,450
    Bugger @jamavon. I hope your 2nd opinions gives you reassurance .... a BC buddy has lung spots (she had a small tumour removed 2 years ago) and whilst not 100% is going ‘ok’ just now.  

    There is a newish drug called keytruda that apparently works well on lungs that was mentioned with another buddy’s condition  .... maybe mention it? 

    Yep, take one day at a time, scream, shout, howl if it helps relieve the pressure of the waiting .... sleeping is good!! 

    Take care xxx Lean on us.  xx
  • ddon
    ddon Member Posts: 349
    @jamavon just thinking of you and hoping you are ok. 
  • gumnut
    gumnut Member Posts: 1,044
    Dear @jamavon
    Just sending you a virtual hug and best wishes

  • jennyss
    jennyss Member Posts: 1,935

    from jennyss in Western NSW
  • Cathyw
    Cathyw Member Posts: 114
    Thinking of you, hoping for good result.