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Tumour markers

My ca13 5 have tripled in a month.  I have been doing so well for nearly 2 years.  Anyone have this happen


  • Kattykit
    Kattykit Member Posts: 252
    It's happened twice to me,  has your oncologist arranged for scans to see what's going on. I changed treatment and had some local radiation and am back to stable again, 3 yrs in, try not to worry, they can go up if you have an infection, when do you next see your oncologist,  feel free to pm me if you need anything or just to talk. Kat xxx

  • Susie2450
    Susie2450 Member Posts: 7
    Thanks Kattykit, I am doing so well and feel Great.  Will have scans soon but started holidays yesturday so will do this first.  You have made me feel better I am still working as a Registered nurse.   I need to join the Metastatic breast cancer group but can't find the join page.  Thanks Kattykit would love to stay in contact.
  • Kattykit
    Kattykit Member Posts: 252
    @Giovanna_BCNA, could you help Susie2450 join the Living with metastatic cancer group, TIA, Kattykit. 
  • Laura_BCNA
    Laura_BCNA Member Posts: 168
    Hi @Susie2450 I have sent you a request to join the metastatic breast cancer group, please let me know if you have any trouble with it. Thanks