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COV-19 and shopping

Hello! I have stage 4 breast cancer with spinal mets. I am on Ribociclib (600mg)/Letrozole/Denosumab. I am currently self isolating as the medication means I am at risk. 

I just found out you can register for home deliveries from Woolworths as an at risk person. Here is the link to register:


It says it will take 48 hours for them to contact me but I thought it might be handy if you are in a similar position to register early. 

Stay safe everyone! 😃


  • primek
    primek Member Posts: 5,392
    Great info
  • Louweezer
    Louweezer Member Posts: 24
    @ddon so glad you got sorted - it is a scary time but there are good people out to help us all x
  • Louweezer
    Louweezer Member Posts: 24
    Also call your local grocery store as mine said today just email through a list and he would home delivery #organicangel
  • gumnut
    gumnut Member Posts: 988
    Thanks so much @Louweezer
  • Mira
    Mira Member Posts: 678
    That's great about the local store Louweezer, I know mine would too if I asked them.   I was lucky today, I went down to check for hand sanitizer and they had it in stock.   My buddy there knows that I get help from home care, so she let me take a bottle for both my carers as well.  Carers go through a lot in their job!  It pays to be nice to the people who work in shops :smile:
  • Silba
    Silba Member Posts: 115
    Good info to know , my boys have been doing the running around but with so many things out of stock , they don't quite know how to improvise, this is a good learning curve though......

    My breast surgeon is doing a telephone follow up appointment instead of face to face , we'll see how that goes......
  • Merv
    Merv Member Posts: 27
    My husband came skipping out of our  country supermarket, announcing he had finally purchased toilet paper  - it just wasn't quite what I was expecting! 

  • StarGirl
    StarGirl Member Posts: 130
    @ddon did you have to submit any evidence with the form? 
  • ddon
    ddon Member Posts: 349
    No I didn’t have to prove anything which surprised me. Just said I was on chemo and that was it. 
  • Silba
    Silba Member Posts: 115
    I tried to sign up for the online delivery under " Vulnerable" priority assistance as it's asking for a  benefit card , ( I don't have one ).

    It wouldn't go any further and didn't have anywhere to explain either , any hints or what did I miss ???
  • Tinks
    Tinks Member Posts: 234
    On Woolies site there is a page for priority assistance that has a text box at the bottom where you can write In your reason for your request. I put in my current cancer status, ie cancer receiving treatment for me, and my doctors phone number if they wanted to verify. If you have a benefit card or seniors card you should put your number in but you don’t have to have such a card. 

    Woolies are supposed to send a text to confirm. They did for my mother’s request, within 48 hours  but they didn’t for me so I rang to enquire after 4 days and was told I had been approved. I checked the website and there was a wide range of delivery windows available automatically including next day and I didn’t need a code. 

    Delivery costs have not been increased as far as I could tell. It’s better value to do a bigger shop and pay less delivery.

     The helpful staff member said there were many requests but the delivery service was coping, it was just the volume of requests to process that was holding them up a bit.

    Hope this helps xx
  • StarGirl
    StarGirl Member Posts: 130
    I filled out the priority assistance form on Monday. Haven’t heard a thing. 😡