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Hi ladies I have a general question for you, I have been told that even though I am almost 2 years past diagnosis, that I am still compromised... I am on Arimadex, and also my 2 year check up and has been bought forward as I have found another lump in my unaffected breast.. does anyone know if this is correct  Thanks. 


  • brightspace
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    Hi Spiritharmony
    Sorry that this has come up especially at such an anxious time.

    Until you have followup  scans and a biopsy the answer is unknown..
    So it is difficult to answer the question about being compromised

    While  treatment for  BC hopefully gives a positive outcome does not give the golden cure for some of us .
    All the best
    Bright in hope
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    From what I have read it's only if you're within three months of finishing chemo that you have to worry. But I'm not medical.

    There are a bunch of links on the thread with Covid19 in the title you might like to look at.

    The BCNA helpline is open all weekend, you could give them a call. K xox