Another long night

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Come to the conclusion I’m going to have to get used to broken sleep and averaging 4 to 5 hours. That great night i had feels like soooo so long ago. 
I really don’t want to live up to my nickname with grandkids tomorrow 
💤💤💤💤 where are you. 
I have to get up and do the before and after school plus run the 16year old around to her appointments and get to one of my own at 2  

ho hum twiddle dee dum. 
Settle down body
shut up brain
i need to go to sleep 



  • Blossom1961
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    Hi @cranky_granny I hope you got some sleep, even if only a couple hours. I find I usually sleep my best just before it is time to get up, and then get cranky because someone wakes me.
  • cranky_granny
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    Hit snooze several times but got to baby sitting duties on time feel like a worn out dish rag today. 
    Psychology this arvo. Maybe she will help me. 
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    I hope you can get some longer sleep patterns, @cranky_granny , as lack of sleep is SO debilitating - I find that using a pair of soft Ear Plugs (even just in 1 ear) really helps in cutting out 'background noise' - be it birds singing etc ...... and amd sure it helps!!

    This brand is good - you squish them thin & then push them into your ear - they then expand & block most of the sound!:

  • cranky_granny
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    Thanks @arpie i am very deaf on my left so hearing anything when I’m asleep is not my problem. Thats why my children could sneak out of the house. The foster child discovered too and caused havoc. 
    The pcsycchologist to day sent me home today with a list of things to do Over the next 3 weeks as well as a relaxation cd to use. just got to find it ! I put it down when i got home a poof its disappeared. 
    Also have some tasks to re expectations 
    setting limits
    and to explore getting into some Support groups in the area
    a diary is to be created 
    This is all aimed at improving my mental health 
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    Keeping a diary is a discipline or a pleasure, depends on what type of day you've had and if the energy is there!
    @cranky_granny best wishes as you tackle this dilemma or perhaps use a suggestion put up earlier, post it notes!
    Image result for dear diary

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    @iserbrown - I've never had the discipline or desire to keep a diary  (I tried a small tapestry on a trip to the UK - but it ended up in the bin on the plane ...... yet I can sit in a kayak & fish for up to 8hrs and remember every minute!!) ......  Weird!

    I've kept the odd 'travel notes' when I've been overseas (and read them with amusement, 40 years later!) ....  and I post a lot on my fishing forums, so I guess I consider my posts there to almost be a 'diary' - same as some of my posts here .....

    But a daily 'what have I done' today (other than fishing or uke) - it just ain't gonna happen!!  I know me too well!   ;)  

    Take care - I hope you can finally sleep well, @cranky_granny - the 'relaxation' technique works for me sometimes - it is amazing how we clench our teeth, our jaw, our mouth, our neck ...... I consciously try to relax every muscle in my body - and sometimes, it works!  I also put myself into the 'recovery' position - and it seems to be the most comfortable!

    Sometimes, we just have to run ourselves almost into the ground to get 'tired enough' to get a good sleep!  I don't think I can do that every day tho!!

    Last night, I couldn't fall asleep for love nor money!  Nor even a Temase.  grrrr  Both hubby & I were wide awake at 1.30am - I read til about 2,30am ..... Then, Just as I fell asleep this morning about 6.45am .... the alarm went off at 7am!  grrr

    @Zoffiel - there is nothing more annoying than thinking of something VITAL in the wee small hours - and think you'll remember it in the morning - but you never will!!  I've tried scribbling stuff in the dark but that hasn't always worked ...... will put some stickies on the bed side table in case it works!  ;)  

  • cranky_granny
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    Hi @iserbrown love the diary, as for the post it notes. My boss came up with the same idea Re loosing track of where I’m up to on those wonderful maths tasks I seem to end up with 
    I’ve been designing my own.  
    Divided into sections

    What I’m doing to settle for sleep and how did I sleep 

    expectations of myself. Where I’m failing I forget I can’t do that anymore.  I start a task that i was always capable of like cleaning the gutters (I used to own a 2 story house) stupidly tried to do it (only single story now)and couldn’t  finish the job hated it 😞So I’m to list these tasks, then write down the what I think is a realistic accomplishment for the new normal. We will look at it and then adjust it to what is real 

    last but but not least what needs to be done and who can I get to help me do it. Including keeping up with regular stuff. 

    I’ve created my start day as Friday 

  • iserbrown
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    Keeping a diary for appointments is fine however for recording the day and emotions - if it's not something you are used to then not so easy

    As to the new normal and the limitations of ability since treatment well I have found I am stronger than I thought but can't go all day. Acceptance is a key that we eventually learn to unlock

    Best wishes with your set tasks and more importantly getting stuck into your sewing.

    Hugs and I hope your supermarket has good supplies.  At 11am today at my Coles no toilet paper, sugar, pasta and flour!  What the!
  • cranky_granny
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    Thanks @iserbrown I’ve been avoiding the major shops since the ridiculous panic buying started. I have enough in the house to last a month and more I go to the little shops for milk and bread.

    Im getting the impression that besides the sleeping issue the psychologist might be getting me to do this as to make me readjust myself realistically eg my high expectation of myself. 

    Sewing so far. Things are getting mended those spilt seams. Hems taken up and buttons attached. 
  • Afraser
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    As a long term poor sleeper (nothing to do with bc), the following suggestions:
    * do anything when you wake up
    in the middle of the night than think about yesterday or tomorrow! Engaging with work/things to do list/ etc in the wee hours or is the work of the devil. I do sudoku - occupies the mind to the exclusion of anything else.
    * personally I’m not keen on the ‘get up until you feel sleepy’ advice. I’d be up all night. 
    * if hot milk/tea/chocolate helps, it’s worth having a thermos on stand by.
    * worrying about not sleeping is a self fulfilling prophecy. Hard to avoid but do what you can. 
    * sleeping aids run out of puff - if, for example, valerian stops working, put it on the back burner and try again in a few weeks. Chopping and changing can help. 
    * physical tiredness can work wonders. Just need to turn the brain off too. 
  • cranky_granny
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    thanks @Afraser
    all suggestions are very welcome. 
    Last night was its normal disturbed sleep but this time i though i was having a heart attack worst reflux in ages   Warm wheat pack helped but still struggled to go back to sleep 
    at least tomorrow i dont have to get up for anything before 10am. 
    I will get there just got to find what works for me 
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    When you find that something send some my way. I've given up for tonight, which is fine because I'm not working tomorrow. 
  • cranky_granny
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    Had my 2nd Councellor appointment (by phone) today surprisingly successful. 
    The diary/notebook worked well Re post treatment expectations on myself. Finding the new me  
    worry and stress Re finances still needs work. 
    The next stage is being assertive over important things. No more hinting ~ actually ask. Getting something sent to me in regards to how to do this