High Grade Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma

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Ive just received results of my biopsy today. Of course went direct to Dr Google. Worst thing. I’m now sitting up in bed at 2.30am with no sleep feeling nauseous as the outlook seems very grim. Loads more results to come to have final diagnosis but to start from such a bad place I’m feeling like I’ve already lost the war. Has anyone had this cancer and what was their journey? How do you face this every day without completely losing it and crumbling in a heap? 


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    Hi  @Struggling

    Wise words, keep away from Dr Google - easier said than done but truly it does your head in as you don't know if it is fact or someone's opinion and or perception on something.  The best resource is the BCNA site, you have found the forum where you will find lots of support and the BCNA website is extremely helpful.  


    Deep breaths and take care

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    We’ve all done it! I didn’t have your diagnosis but was convinced by Dr Google my symptoms meant Inflammatory Breast Cancer (they didn’t). But it’s the best possible way to deter using Dr Google again, believe me. BC is highly variable, similar diagnosis, different people may mean different treatments and differing outcomes. Your plan will be tailored for you and as you say, you still have lots of results to go through. I am sure that others with your type of BC will be able to give more detailed advice and encouragement. Shock is extreme at the start of all this, so do whatever you need to release some of the fear and anxiety. A bit of venting can actually help! Once you know more about treatment, it does get better - you can focus your energies on what to do, not what if. Best wishes. 
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    I had a grade 3 estrogen positive and her2 positive idc. Good old Dr Google doesn't look at outcomes and treatment results. High grades do very well with appropriate treatment. I'm 4 years on. There are many here alive many more years on.
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    That is such good news to hear, thank you and I wish you continued good health xx