Sutherland Shire Breast Cancer Support Group

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Sutherland Shire Breast Cancer Support Group 

Anyone who has ever had a breast cancer diagnosis is most welcome to come along to any of our meetings.

1st Wednesday of the month 7-9 pm at Tradies Gymea 
57 Manchester Rd Gymea
*5.30 pm Pre-group dinner in Willow Restaurant  

3rd Saturday of the month
At Camelia Gardens Tea Rooms
9.45-11.45 am  President Ave, Caringbah

As March is Lymphoedema Awareness month we have guest speaker ,physio specialist and  very experienced in all things Lymphoedema

We have a Facebook page and an email group for newsletters


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    SSBCSG on Zoom 

    We have  emailed out two meeting url links to everyone on the Sutherland shire breast cancer support group email list which allow access to join the Zoom meetings.
    Don't be afraid to ask for help and give it a try.
    Pop it in your diary with a reminder.Flag/pin the email.

    One URL link is for meetings on the First Wed of the month
    Another URL link for the 3rd Wed of the month.

    The links in the email will work for the next 5 months
    Just click on the url in the email on the appropriate date and time.

    If you are not already on our support group email list and have had a breast cancer diagnosis and live in the Sutherland shire , St George or nearby areas of Sydney and would like to join in then please contact Glenda  with your details.

    GLENDA ON 0407 255 728 .
    Or message her and she will call back.
    Alternatively glenda_lewis@****

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    We had a few meetings at Tradies gymea in early 2021 , but then rest of year has been on zoom
    First wed of the month 7pm & 3rd sat of the month at 3pm
    For ladies of the sutherland shire , st george & suppounding areas diagnosed with breast cancer at any times in their life.

    Nov zoom will be with guest speaker womens health physio specialist on topic of pelvic health.

    Hopefully next year we can go back to meeting at Tradies GYmea ,club for dinner 5.30 pm then meeting 7-9pm  1st wed of the month & camelia gardens Caringbah ,3rd sat of the month 9.45am.
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    We  have decided to cancel this Saturday's (15/1/22) cuppa catch up at Camellia Gardens Caringbah  due to the high covid case numbers in the community and climbing rapidly as it seems to socially responsible thing to do, as much as we hate taking away the opportunity for ladies to meet on 3rd Sat of the month like usual.
    We will review it again next month.

    Likewise our planned monthly  face to face meeting ,1st wed of the month in Feb at Tradies Gymea  2/2/22- we will have to also replace it with a zoom meeting sorry.
    I know Zoom is not the same as face to face and not everyone can participate, but its all we can do to try and stay connected with other humans safely.

    Please feel free to chat in our private Facebook group page.

    Or support group is for anyone
    who has ever has a breast cancer diagnosis AND who also lives in the
    Sutherland Shire, St George and surrounding areas of Sydney Australia.

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    I wish i had started this thread title to just say Sutherland Shire Breast Cancer Support Group.
    I have made a right mess of multiple threads all across this forum because i didn't understand how it worked back in the early days.Sorry. I wish i could combine it all into one thread. Sorry but I am unable to edit old stuff ,so i will post an update on this one.

     If a moderator sees this- if possible could you remove the 'meeting 4th March 2020' from the thread title?

    Update. May 2022
    We continued via zoom in lockdown and now back to meetings in
    person. Meeting at Tradies Gymea every 1st Wed of the month 7pm , except Jan and
    Camelia Gardens Caringbah 3rd sat of the month 9.45am , except
    Dec.Please see our facebook page for updates on meetings, guest speakers
    etc as things can often change.

    We also have a closed private facebook group for locals to the area who have had a BC diagnosis.

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    Hi @Kristen thank you for this information. I've changed the title of this thread as requested and the lymphoedema support group thread too. 
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    Thank you Carissa . That is much neater and better organised.

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    You can delete these four old threads /topics that i started, if you want  to do some more tidy up. Carissa_BCNA
    They are out of date and not needed anymore.We combined the old St George Hospital BC support group with the newer Sutherland Shire BC SG back in 2017.So St George group no long exists. I  did get  the st george group  taken off the BCN Services page Support Group pages back then.Thank you.

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