New USA Drug Trial at preventing cancer cells going to bones

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I've put this in the Mets Discussion area as well as general discussion - so that everyone can follow it.  This could be a really important development for EVERYONE with BC to follow.

This new trial sounds REALLY promising .... how good if this works & can be fast tracked all round the world.  

This trial comes from a leukemia background and is now being tested on BC patients with HR+ Mets - hopefully even preventing cancer cells getting into bone marrow on patients who are currently NED (No Evidence of Disease, but who may still have cancer cells circulating in the body that may turn nasty up to 5, 10, 15 years later) as some NED patients may go on to develop mets anyway.  It has worked in Mouse Studies - stopping cancer cells from turning to bone mets.  Now time to test it on humans.

Duke Cancer Institute investigators Dorothy Sipkins, MD, PhD, associate professor of medicine, pharmacology and cancer biology, and P. Kelly Marcom, MD, professor of medicine, have just launched a proof-of-concept clinical trial of a new drug for hormone receptor positive breast cancer patients whose disease has spread to the bone.


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    More interesting research, it’s certainly a fertile time for new options. Besides safety, the magic word is ‘tolerable’, side effects are already inhibitors to taking drugs that almost certainly are efficacious in keeping cancer at bay.