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JoardenJoarden Member Posts: 57
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Hi..apologies for the icky topic..cycle suddenly stopped in November, is this part of diagnosis ( invasive ductul carcinoma)??/


  • ZoffielZoffiel Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 2,983
    @Joarden There's nothing icky about talking about menopause, revolting as the actual process may be.
    I'm assuming you are young enough that your periods suddenly stopping comes as a surprise? Periods stopping and menopause, when it comes to breast cancer treatment, are not necessarily the same thing.
    If you are having chemo, it's absolutely normal for your periods to stop. If you are ultra-stressed, ditto. If you are taking tamoxifen, you are likely to have menopausal symptoms, though your normal cycle might return after your five year sentence.
    It sounds like you need to have a good chat to your oncologist/GP/breast care nurse. These are the sort of things that often get overlooked when everyone assumes someone else has talked to you about it. MXX
  • JoardenJoarden Member Posts: 57
    Thank you kindly, I'm 54, and had my cycle since 11!!! Haven't started any treatment yet, only got results to..I have been in shock since I found out, as I've never been sick, and our son in only 12..as long as its not a symptom of anything, no problem saying Bye Bye to them..:-))
  • AfraserAfraser MelbourneMember Posts: 3,020
    The other consideration is that you may have a fairly symptom-less end to your menstrual cycle. I had BC at 67 and was possibly the only person somewhat cheered by the news that I might have menopause-like symptoms when taking an AI, simply because I didn’t have any menopause symptoms. My periods did get slightly lighter, then stopped. No sweats, flashes, mood swings etc. I did have one very heavy bleed after stopping for a few months - cheerfully referred to by GP at the time as my ‘last hurrah’! But it’s also worth getting it checked, as I did after the heavy bleed just to ensure all was in order. One thing at a time! Best wishes. 
  • JoardenJoarden Member Posts: 57
    Thank you, glad it is over,if it is..:-))

  • Dory65Dory65 Member Posts: 163
    Hi Joarden,
    I'm 54 too. My periods went haywire a couple of years ago, then stopped, then came back! Been getting regular periods for a while recently, but I expect that to change when I start Tamoxifen. My BC is strongly hormone receptive. I was encouraged to lose weight as fat produces estrogen. Maybe your period stopped due to weight loss or shock re diagnosis. I agree with Zoffiel  and Afraser, every change warrants checking with the experts. So much to learn. It's quite exhausting! :smile:
  • JoardenJoarden Member Posts: 57
    Have gained a lot of weight, maybe that is the problem?. Will be discussing with specialist, thank you..would not miss them!!
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