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Ribociclib and Anastrozole

AngeloAngelo PerthMember Posts: 32
Hi everyone,
I started this combo in January 2019 for Mets lung diagnosed in December 2018. My oncologist told me that results are usually 12 to 18 months and then another line of treatment would need to be considered. Has anyone got any feedback on this combo.
Feeling a bit apprehensive at the moment.


  • Kat09Kat09 Melbourne Member, Dragonfly Posts: 269
    Hi @Palmbeachprincess and @Angelo , how are you coping on this treatment regime. I'm about to start on letrozole and abemaciclib after having been treated with chemo unsuccessfully ( semi )  Xeloda 6 months,  Abraxene 3 and Erubulin 4 months. Each chemo kept things stable for a little while and then bang things went hay wire again. The Mets in my spine are now stable but my lung and liver are continuing to cause issues. I hope that this treatment is giving you some good results and not too many side effects?
  • PalmbeachprincessPalmbeachprincess Member Posts: 39
    I’m on abemaciclib but not letrozole. I also am on xgeva every 3 months and monthly injections in my bottom called faslodex. 

     I’ve been doing this since September ‘19. And so far so good, recent pet scan showed liver is just a tiny dot now. 

    I feel absolutely fine. No side affects. Nothing at all. In fact I actually worried it was a placebo as the list of side effects are very long. I’ve heard of some ladies having diaria but I ve avoided that. 

    I ve heard abemaciclib is the new wonder drug so hoping that it ll be kind to you too and kill those pesky cancer cells.

    sending love xxxxx
  • Kat09Kat09 Melbourne Member, Dragonfly Posts: 269
    Thanks @Palmbeachprincess, glad to hear your treatment is going so well. I also get a monthly bone strengthening injection every 4 weeks densobaub ( think that's how it's spelt ) gotta love the names they come up with. I start my magic pills tonight so here's hoping those spots in my liver and lungs do what they're supposed to and disappear. Stay well xxx
  • AngeloAngelo PerthMember Posts: 32
    Hiya, doing ok here. I’ve done 15 cycles and results are still promising. I hope everything is going ok with you , stay strong and stay well xx
  • PalmbeachprincessPalmbeachprincess Member Posts: 39
    Tonight yay @Kat09 I’m sure they ll do the job 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻
    Do you have to pay for yours? I do, $5000 per month. As it’s my second line of treatMeant the pbs does not cover it. 

  • Kat09Kat09 Melbourne Member, Dragonfly Posts: 269
    That's pretty rough @Palmbeachprincess i had a friend that had to do the same. Thankfully I qualify for it under the pbs x
  • AngeloAngelo PerthMember Posts: 32
    Why is it that some qualify under pbs and others don’t??
  • PalmbeachprincessPalmbeachprincess Member Posts: 39
    @Kat09 how are you feeling? Xx
  • Kat09Kat09 Melbourne Member, Dragonfly Posts: 269
    Hi @Palmbeachprincess, lovely of you to check in on me...been a rough few days, fatigue wise and had a small dose of the runs but have the gastro stop on hand thanks to the advice given here. The fatigue is easing a bit now, but could also be a case of what's there to do anyway with this whole lockdown thing. We shouldve been on our way to Port Douglas  on Sat 😥 and not being able to see family and friends certainty  doesn't help in our situations. All ours live separately to us and work so aren't prepared to take the risk they may be carrying something. How are you going with the restrictions?
  • PalmbeachprincessPalmbeachprincess Member Posts: 39
    That’s good to hear you are tracking ok. @Kat09 I just feeling like I’m going insane, Groundhog Day. And am eating and drinking far too much! 
    Take care x 
  • elisewjkelisewjk BrisbaneMember Posts: 60
    Hi @Angelo, Ribociclib (and some other treatments) is only available on the PBS if it is a "first line" treatment. Otherwise, it is not subsidised and people have to pay the full price for it themselves.
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