Ode to missing hair

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Hi All! 
Half way along on my 12 weekmy taxol, monthly Herceptin regime. The hair started falling out after about week 3. I didn’t think this was going to be a big problem for me, was looking forward to trying all sorts of interesting headwear. 

The reality, though, has been quite confronting, and by far the hardest thing to deal with so far. The head is itchy, with infected sores, pimples and incredible sensitivity. All of this you guys know, right? It’s a pretty common theme on here. 

So, my hair was my ‘thing’, my way of expressing myself, my way of aging disgracefully, and complimenting my zany personality. Now I feel that identity has been ripped away and all I’m left with is a slightly sad, exhausted, pimply visage in the mirror. Even my super cool tshirts have gone by the wayside as I don’t know what to wear on my head to go with them and everything is pretty uncomfortable anyway  

So tonight I made a movie looking back on my hair over the years. It’s a kind of homage, celebration, and memorium to what was, and hopefully what will be again. 

Tell me I’m not the only one? Share your lovely locks on here and we’ll commiserate together (and maybe get a bit of a nice giggle too) 

Onward and upward, my spiky goddesses! Thanks for listening.

Here’s my short movie


  • Afraser
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    That’s lovely! You’re right, your hair will come back, quite possibly in ways you didn’t expect and that’s a whole new adventure. My hair’s been colours I never expected, mad curls (curls??) but it’s mainly been fun. I get more comments on my hair now (nice ones!) from strangers than I ever did before, you have all this to look forward to! Best wishes. 
  • Dory65
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    Pusskat - great hair homage! No wonder you're feeling low right now, but your creativity and personality is still there. Here's wishing you a speedy recovery post-treatment. You'll no doubt have some fun with your hair once it returns.:) I happened across ABC TV playing Hunters and Collectors yesterday morning and tears ran down my face through the whole thing. Where did the time go...
  • arpie
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    @Pusskat - WOW!  what a wonderful homage to your hair! I wish I was as adventurous as you in trying different styles...

    All the best for your remaining treatments - and no doubt looking forward to how your hair 'turns out' at the end ..... my hubby's came back all soft & wavy (it was previously just straight & wiry.)

    Take care xx
  • PV123
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    That is beautiful Pusskat, I like your style.  I lost my hair at 4 weeks of taxol as well.  
  • Zoffiel
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    Ah, well, nothing says zany like bald, particularly if you are prepared to absolutely own it.
    That's a great homage to hair, and I can well understand how you feel a bit at sea without your stylish locks. 
    I've gone from waist length thick and curly to zero. Twice. It shat me to tears both times, but with eyes like yours, I reckon you can carry it off.--though I'm sure you can live without the pus thing.
    Look at the end game--getting the miserable bastard stuff out of your system--what ever that takes. Mxx
  • Nefertari
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    Loved your video, as Zoffiel said, your eyes are amazing!  Poor you, I had sensitivity only but no pimples etc so that must be very difficult.
    For me the loss of hair was confronting but okay,  it was the loss of eyebrows that really knocked me for a six. I felt like that stripped away a part of me and labelled me as the "sick" lady.
    My eyebrows are back now and I feel more human.  My hair is still short, shaved it again this week as I dont like the texture but it is getting better and I kind of like the short do now. I only cover my head up now when its cold.