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Chemo discontinued

Avida Member Posts: 2
edited January 2020 in General discussion

I was 2 rounds into my chemo when I got a staf infection in my surgery site (double mastectomy)

After a couple of admissions to hospital on drips and veri flow treatment and surgery , I had missed rounds 3 and 4 of chemo however I was able to continue on herceptin.

It has been decided to take me off the chemo and continue on herceptin.

Just wondering if any one else has had their chemo cancelled due to infection or complications

I’m a bit worried about not having it it but very happy to not be continuing either?


  • PV123
    PV123 Member Posts: 202
    What was the gap between mastectomy and chemo?  Maybe check with the oncologist if it is possible to continue with chemo once your mastectomy scars have healed.  You might need to ask more questions to find out the reason for discontinuation of chemo.
  • TonyaM
    TonyaM Member Posts: 2,818
    Due to a near death sepsis experience,I stopped chemo.BUT I had no lymph node involvement,stage 2 EBC and eostrogen +ve bc.My oncologist said SOME chemo was be better than none.He also said that Tamoxifen would give me better coverage anyway.So it depends a lot on your type of cancer - your oncologist will weigh it all up no doubt.
    10 yrs later and I’m fine.
  • Avida
    Avida Member Posts: 2
    Thank you, I saw my oncologist yesterday and I’m starting on Tamoxifen as well as continuing with herceptin and a monthly injection of Zoladex. I’m glad I got 2 rounds of chemo in. I feel much better after having discussed it over. 
  • Shellshocked2018_
    Shellshocked2018_ Member Posts: 283
    Hi Avida, I have just finished my treatment of 6 months of chemotherapy and 30 rounds of radiation.
    During this one there were many people that didn’t finish their chemo for many different reasons.
    Listen and discuss any concerns with your health professionals as they will be doing what is best for your situation.

    Sending you the biggest hugs, you can beat this ......
    Take care xx