Mastectomy due to DCIS

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I was diagnosed with high grade DCIS (3.7 cm) and I had a lumpectomy followed by 5 weeks radiation therapy. I went back for my annual mammogram this October and lo and behold, the cancer ( high grade DCIS) is back, this time 1.4cm. The doctors have recommended a mastectomy of the affected breast as they have said I cannot have lumpectomy this time around partly beacuse they wont be able to administer radiation. I totally understand the fact that having a recurrence of high grade DCIS within 12 months puts me at high risk of developing invasive breast cancer but I feel that a mastectomy is a bit 'overkill' as intervention for 1.4cm DCIS. Would love to hear from anyone that has had a similar experience. I am confused, frustrated, angry, anxious and a lot of other emotions that I cant categorise...pls help - TIA


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    hi @blessed72
    Sorry this has happened again
    DCISDCIS what the grade and size is never to be overestimated 
    While stated as a Stage 0 and not a true BC it leads to  invasive dcis precursor to BC
    Also not always able to accurately predict rapid changes and micro metatises which travel to blood not lymph
    As well it is known to metastise ... with no lymph involvement as I personally encountered

    No it is not overkill to recommend this especially as reoccurance highgrade
    Mastectomy is is also a first time option for Dcis
    Many women choose this option instead of having lumpectomy and rads/chemo

    You can ask for a second opinion 
    All the best
    Bright in hope
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    Thanks for your contribution. I totally understand the rationale behind the recommendation and I guess I was hoping there could be other options... A second opinion wont be much help as it seems to be the standard industry practice to have mastectomy after DCIS recurrence, especially in a relatively short space of time. I just have to embrace the surgery...
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    Yep no way to secondsguess what this### BC  has instore

    Good luck with surgery
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    @melclarity had a similar experience.
    I went through chemo with a ladies who dcis return turned out to be an aggressive invasive cancer. Not only did she require a mastectomy but chemo. I would always taje the option that may help you avoid chemo.
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    Hi @Blessed72 i had a mastectomy on my first dcis diagnosis. It Was 7 cm on its  longest side  and  so extensive there was no possibility of saving the breast. I am a strong person but have to say i was very very scared at the time.
    I had an expander put in at the same time as mastectomy  then a few months later had an implant put in. There was a long delay between diagnosis and the first surgery overall it was probably the most traumatic experience ever. It hadnt spread so i didnt need any other treatments not even hormone therapy which  left me in a strange position like " what just happened "??? i dont even have cancer and my breast  is gone. I know i was extremely lucky it was found early and god knows how it got so big without busting out of the duct. But  Its quite a brutal treatment . I understand your confusion. Now i am 2 years down the track my life is mostly  back to normal. It seems overkill but i guess its all they have. Good luck with it it sux alright.
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    It’s not overkill.I had a recurrence 7yrs after my lumpectomy and radiation so had to have a mastectomy and chemo.Reconstruction becomes very limited because of radiation treatment.
    I’ve remained lopsided for 9yrs- I don’t like it but I’m used to it and at least I’d see a recurrence.I wear a prosthesis and you’d never know and once I’m dressed I forget about it.I’m grateful to be cancer free for 9 yrs and hopefully, that’s the end of bc for me.Hope your surgery goes smoothly and come back here if you have any questions.

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    @TonyaM thank you! I ve found this forum very very helpful and thanks for sharing your experience❤
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    Pleased to read you got through surgery and your fears have been allayed somewhat!
    All the best for recovery
    Take care