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Recurrence in rib

Heles Member Posts: 10
edited October 2019 in Metastatic breast cancer
Hi I have recently found that my cancer has spread to one of my ribs. I was diagnosed with stage 3a in Feb 2018. Had double mastectomy, chemo, radiation, and reconstruction in May this year. How does this happen?
I have just completed radiation to the rib, and started on letrozole. I will start Kisqualis soon aswell. Very nervous about the whole thing. Is there anyone out there who has experienced something similar?


  • kmakm
    kmakm Member Posts: 7,974
    My understanding is they just don't know. Breast cancer is so complex compared to many other cancers. I'm so sorry @Heles. It f*****g sucks. Hang in there. K xox
  • arpie
    arpie Member Posts: 7,445
    Bugger Bugger Bugger - I am so sorry to hear this diagnosis @Heles  - but with your new treatment - they'll be doing their best to stop it in it's tracks. 

    Yep - sadly they don't know who, why or when. 

    Big hugs coming your way xxxxx

  • Heles
    Heles Member Posts: 10
    They call it oligometastatic breast cancer now. Anyone heard of this!
  • Sister
    Sister Member Posts: 4,960
    Never heard of it but here's what google says: Oligometastatic breast cancer (OMBC) is, therefore, sometimes considered as an intermediate biological state between localized and widely metastatic disease.
    Best wishes @heles
  • Shakalker
    Shakalker Member Posts: 84
    @Heles, so sorry to hear of your recurrence. Hugs to you 
    How did it show up in your rib? What were the symptoms?
    I had what seemed like really heavy radiation ending in May, I have weird feeling of being bruised and very tender on my ribs, physiotherapist says it is because my nerves would have been damaged from rad burns and what I’m feeling is nerve pain.
    Ultrasound did not extend that far around.
    I wish you well xx
  • Heles
    Heles Member Posts: 10
    I had pain in the back that wouldn’t go away with normal targin/end one. I couldn’t put a bag over my shoulder comfortably either. Because I had my reconstruction, I kept confusing pain from there as a contributing factor. Lymphoedema on that side was also an issue.
  • Shakalker
    Shakalker Member Posts: 84
    @Heles, thanks for your reply. My pain seems worst at night, from what you experienced, I think my would be a mix of muscular and nerve.
    I’ll keep with that unless it changes, thanks again.
    I hope you get some relief from it all xx
  • JulieVT11
    JulieVT11 Member Posts: 90
    @Heles a recurrance so soon must have been such a shock.  Can I ask what sort of scans did they do to diagnose.  I have a very similar pain/tender spot on my ribcage at the moment and have had xray and ultrasound which were all clear but now have to go for a bone scan, feeling very nervous now.
  • Heles
    Heles Member Posts: 10
    Hi Julie, CT/ MRI and Pet scans all confirmed it.
    Best of luck!