What a ride!

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Good morning everyone, it’s 4.30am and I’m awake again.
I was called back after a routine mammogram, biopsy done, initial result, 2cm grade 2, action plan lumpectomy, 6wk radiation.
Go in to sort surgery date the next week, more pathology results have come in and show I have triple negative, grade 3 with a Ki67 of 90%.
Oncologist next, chemo scheduled every 2wks AC for 4.5 months.
Lymph node surgery this week.
Genetic testing recommended.
Life can change so quickly.  Hardest bit to date, telling my daughters.
I’m otherwise healthy, fit, strong and young (their description) at 55, nothing else wrong with me, no medications, I’m a horse rider and live on 15acres, I live an active life.
Im worried, but trying not to be, I’m expecting to get the news that this has spread.
Im on the roller coaster! Never did like them.

On the positive side, everyone has been fantastic, Breast Clinic, Surgeon, Oncologist, Breast Care Nurses, everyone I’ve met so far, I’ve been impressed with the professionalism and care shown and it is very much appreciated. 


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    Welcome to a great place no-one wants to come to!  Sorry to hear that you're joining us but you'll get lots of info, support, a place to vent and the odd laugh here.  Try to distract yourself as much as you can and take each step one at a time.  There's a number of TNBC on here so no doubt they will get on later and give you more info about that.  
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    Anne65 - I find your post reassuring and I hope that MattyBoy feels the same. From the moment of diagnosis you move into your 'new normal'. Sit quietly with Anne65's very practical and wise words and be kind to yourself!
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    Thanks for the support Ladies  :) 
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    Hi MattyBoy, Welcome, I to was diagnosed with TNBC last October grade 3.
    It sure is a roller coaster ride, and like you I never liked roller coaster rides either I was always the bag lady waiting below lol....
    But  you can do this just like I have and others.
    Keep yourself busy, light exercise and plenty of fluids.
    I found meditating helped me through the times where my brain was over thinking things.
    Ive had surgery in December Partial mastectomy and 2 sentinal nodes removed, all clear, then A/C dense chemo in February 8 weeks every fortnight, then weekly paclitaxel for 12 weeks.
    Had a full auxiliary clearance in July as there was one lymph node under my armpit involved other 14 were clear.
    Just started Radiotherapy for 30 sessions.
    You’re in the best place for others that have been there. or others like me who are currently going through this.
    I can tell you there a lot of people that are cancer free with the diagnosis of TNBC .
    Stay positive, you can send me a private message if you want to talk more.
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    There really is not a lot more I can add @MattyBoy other than to say that yes, this is not something that any of us would sign up for, but it is doable.
    This too shall pass. Ask people for help and allow them to help. You will get through this.