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Feeling down

Glynnis Member Posts: 353
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Well the last couple days i have been feeling down, teary, realisation of what is happening rears it’s ugly head again someone unlocked that oh so carefully locked door I had it behind. Had a kidney stent removed and replaced on Tuesday, it’s my 3rd week on Kisqali, so I’m on my normal week now as I like to think of it, tiredness is rampant this week, think it’s a combination of the operations and just plain tired and stressed, from the past week,  so took myself off for some retail therapy today, some me time, just wondering around spotlight my fav store. Couple hours away from it all and I’m feeling a little more like myself again now. I nearly got it locked behind that door again 


  • arpie
    arpie Member Posts: 7,445
    So sorry you've been feeling down. xx

    Well done by heading off to the Retail Store Therapy - just what the Doctor ordered.   

  • Patchworkmum
    Patchworkmum Member Posts: 18
    We all have days where those sneaky thoughts raise their ugly heads.  I had mine yesterday after I had my CT scan. Oncologist tells me my markers are still higher than what she wanted, and I’m slightly anaemic as well. Just hoping and praying that results aren’t as bad as those sneaky thoughts think they are 🤔
  • Glynnis
    Glynnis Member Posts: 353
    Aw @Patchworkmum I know how your feeling, I'm sure all will be ok I have my fingerscrossed for you. Those thoughts just arrive when we least need them don't they.
  • ~Millie~
    ~Millie~ Member Posts: 61
    <<hugs>> xx
  • jennyss
    jennyss Member Posts: 1,935
    Dear @Glynnis, Spotlight works for me too. The rows and rows of material,  patterns,   and craft items! I have to go tomorrow on behalf of one of my sisters to look for a satin or velvet/velvelveteen or corduroy to make a jacket for her partner. 
    Best wishes from jennyss in Western NSW
  • Brenda5
    Brenda5 Member Posts: 2,423
    Glad you found some of that elusive energy. Here's cheers to some more soon. <3
  • Glynnis
    Glynnis Member Posts: 353
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    So im having a rant here, might seem childish and stupid but to me it doesnt.

    So my best friend texted and asked me how I was feeling, I told her by text I was feeling down. I didn't get a reply from her so a couple of days later she sent me a text because I hadn't replied to her text from earlier in the day ask if all was ok I say no feeling Down she say why didn't you tell me I say I did two days ago and you never replied, so I apparently upset her by saying that, when i saw her i gave her a hug and apologised for upsetting her, she never once asked if I was upset by her no reply. I just feel like I've been a biatch by telling her how i felt and it's all about how upset she is, she has been funny with me since. My question is am I in the wrong? My son feels I am as she has been there through everything with the breast cancer 
  • June1952
    June1952 Member Posts: 1,807
    Rant away - best to get it out and here is a safe place.
    These little misunderstandings happen along the way and she will get over it.  As she has been with you along the way it is surprising that she is not 'getting it' this time - maybe she misread your text or just was not concentrating.  Sometimes texts are not as good as a quick phone call.  Perhaps you can call her when you are feeling a bit more on top of things ?
    Thinking of you both.   <3
  • primek
    primek Member Posts: 5,392
    I've often had texts never arrive to my sister and we've sat side by side checking the conversation and found quite a bit missing. 
    So....don't think about it anymore. 
    It was a phone glitch. ...you realise now. You extended the olive branch.  But...going over who is right...really isn't helpful. It's just continuing and building on the thought you had that "she doesn't care as didn't respond". It won't help you stop feeling down. But what might help is picking up the phone and calling your friend and say "I'm down...could you come over and distract me...or lets go for coffee"  Moving forward, dealing with your flat mood and preserving your friendship is where your energy should be focused.
    We all now know...life is far too short to ruin friendships over a missed text. 
  • Glynnis
    Glynnis Member Posts: 353
    @primek thanks, just going to say though text didn’t go missing 
  • primek
    primek Member Posts: 5,392
    I guess sometimes people just don't know how to respond at times when you say I'm down. It's hard for the supporters to know whats the right thing to do.
    I still think asking for company when they are able helps give them direction how to help.
  • Sister
    Sister Member Posts: 4,960
    If she's been supportive throughout, best probably just to put it aside and move forward.  I have to send an apology to someone next week as I said that I hadn't followed up on something (by email) because they hadn't given me an answer.  Well, when I checked later, they had sent me the follow-up email, with a very specific answer - and yes, I had read it or at least, opened it.  Somehow it didn't make it from my eyes to my brain.