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hi everyone, just need to vent, oh f..... oh s... oh f..... I was diagnosed earlier this year with Mets, son had testicular cancer in 2017, he all clear which is awesome. Youngest daughter who is 29 rings me today, mum I found a lump, have been to the doctors got an ultra sound tomorrow, doctor has put on the referral it’s auxillary tail. I’m frightened and really scared for her, I have everything I can crossed and I’m hopeful it’s only a fat lump as she has a few of those as well around different parts of her body which her dad also has. Please please be that. OMG what have I passed onto my kids.


  • CRMCRM MelbourneMember Posts: 78
    @Glynnis I am 32 and recently diagnosed.  It's shitty and I am angry but it is certainly no one elses fault (even though I wish I could blame someone).  I can't imagine how you feel as a mother... probably the same way my mother feels right now... but do not beat yourself up.  Wishing you and your daughter the best outcome x 
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     thankyou @Blossom1961 and @CRM yes gave them plenty of love, just feel like I could scream, I’m glad I can come on here and let it out, enough stress going on without me adding to it, so I do it on here and put my best positive face on for my kids, hopefully my daughter doesn’t see how worried for her I am, realistically I know it’s no ones fault and this shitty disease happens to good people which I wish it didnt
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    Your daughter has you and she knows that you will be there for support.  Thinking of you both.
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    Both my sister and her daughter had breast cancer. No known gene. I'm certain my niece is only alive today because her mother encouraged her to check her breasts and follow through with appointments. So lovely. ..I have everything crossed it's a benign lump. Whatever it is..she has you to help her through what you truly understand as a terrifying wait.
    My sister sadly passed...but her daughter is 16 years cancer free. She was 32 when diagnosed. She drew on her mother's strength to get through her treatment.  

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    No words! Thinking of you and hoping.....

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    So unfair to your wider family Glynnis 😞 My mum died of lung cancer, I ended up with BC at 27, my sister is intellectually disabled. You get so angry looking at those who seemingly traipse through life untouched and feel like it's all thrown at you, don't you? 

    I sincerely hope it's a fibroadenoma xx
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    @youngdogmum, your exactly right it does feel like everything is thrown at me. I'm there for her to support her through this, she just said she had her ultrasound today and the lady was quiet rude. Now the waiting game starts. I hope all is going well for you 
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    It continues to amaze me how often we come across rude and unpleasant people working in cancer care. Astounding really. I hope your daughter was able to shrug it off. K xox
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    @Glynnis not cool at all. A) she's there for a lump investigation which sparks anxiety and often tears. B she has probably told that staff member she has a family history so naturally is more scared. 
    As a health professional myself, I feel if you can't be kind and compassionate, it's  time to find a new job.

    Let us know the results when you're ready ❤️❤️
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    @youngdogmum exactly agree with you about another job, yes when results are in will certainly let you know 😀
  • GlynnisGlynnis Member Posts: 312
    @kmakm yes she did thank goodness no need for it bit of compassion would have been great 
  • FlaneuseFlaneuse BrisbaneMember Posts: 882
    @Glynnis Big hugs to you and your daughter.  <3<3
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    I remember when I went for my mammo and ultrasound last year (I was diagnosed last year at 40) - the person who did the mammo said quite rudely... where’s the lump? I pointed to where it was and she felt it and goes.  Oh - that’s a rib.  Wrong - it was stage 2B.  I wish I could go back to her and tell her how rude she was.  
    Fingers crossed it’s nothing but good news for your daughter.
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