This is scary

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I've had such a quick ride from Breastscreen finding a 2cm tumour, with no apparent lymph node activity, through - oh there are 2 sentinel nodes affected, to let's do a CT scan to rule out any spread,  to yesterday - I don't like the look of your scan. It's in the chest and lungs.


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    @Wu57 Big breaths. It is no good worrying about something that may not be. I know that is hard advice to take so try to occupy yourself with other things for now. What do you enjoy doing? Something to keep your mind busy. Once the medical team have the full picture of what is going on, they will formulate a plan for treatment and then it will be full steam ahead. The people on this forum are a fantastic bunch and someone will be along shortly with more sage advice than me. Big hugs. xxx
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    Oh crap, @Wu57! That is something no-one wants to hear and is, indeed, scary. I know some others will be along who've had similar experiences--all I can offer is an awkward non hug from a non hugger. Mxxx
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    Oh @Wu57, what a tough time you are having!! The whole diagnosis is enough to cope with, without complications to take on board.
    I can only imagine how scared and worried you are. As Blossom1961 and Zoffiel have said, someone who has been in a similar situation  will be along soon to give some advice. Meantime, take care, breathe deeply and just take one day at a time! When you have a plan in place, you will feel a bit more in control. Big hugs to you. Xxx
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    Hello @Wu57,
    A common theme here is the agony of waiting for results, and of course processing the results and information as we are informed by our team.  Like the others, I can only say trust in your surgical and medical teams to be doing the very best for you. Write down any questions and if possible take someone with you to the appts, not only as a support but as a second pair of ears. Easily said, but try and keep busy. When I was first diagnosed, I found some great meditation exercises on youtube which I did every day, despite my heartbeat racing and thumping throughout! Funnily enough, at the very end of each session, I felt a bit better! This people on this site offer so much advice and support. You are not alone!
    Suzanne xx
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    That sounds really scary but try to stay calm. It's so hard when information about your diagnosis is being drip fed to you across days/weeks as you return for more scans and tests but once the hospital has the full picture and works out the best treatment plan, you will be able to start the road to recovery xx 
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    I cannot imagine how scared you must feel but hey you have many years left in you yet and they may even be able to put you in to remission for a few decades. <3

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    It is so hard at this time - you think you may just be getting your head around a diagnosis and then it changes...  As trite as it may sound, until you know you don't really know so do what you can to give your mind a bit of peace from the mouse-wheel that it's on.  I can only guess at how scary this must be but I do know there are many on this site who are living with a similar diagnosis to what you may be facing and will no doubt come in to this conversation.  Once you have a treatment plan you will have a better idea of what to do.
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    Thanks for your kind messages. I had the bone scan yesterday and go back to the Oncologist on Thursday after the MDT meeting. Hopefully, after that I should have a clearer idea of what will happen. 
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    Good luck. Mxx
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    Will be thinking of you xx
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    Best of wishes. 
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    Hoping for the best results for you. Hang in there. K xox
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    Hello @Wu57 hoping you have more information and a clearer picture of your treatment plan.  All the best.
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    So now I  know. Advanced breast cancer.  I will be starting KISQALI and letrazole. I'm starting a new job too. 
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    I'm so sorry @Wu57. That's just f****d. This is a truly shitty disease.

    I hope you tolerate the treatment well and that it keeps the nasties at bay.

    Good luck with the new job. I hope it's fulfilling and rewarding for as long as you want to do it.

    The biggest of hugs, K xox
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