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As some of you may have read I have recently been diagnosed with stage 4 after just 2.5 years from my initial diagnosis. It is contained to my Lymph nodes and a small spot at the base of my neck. My original cancer was stage 3 grade 3 triple positive but also had an oestrogen + Hert 2 - tumour, this is the one that has returned. I am now on my second cycle of Xeloda and other than a bit of fatigue towards the end am coping really well so far. My Oncologist has said that my cancer is hormone resilient given that I was on Tamoxifen and then Arimidex for 18 months, my treatment did send me into early menopause and my ovaries are completely shut down ( I'm 49 ). I guess I just wanted to ask if there's any of you with a similar diagnosis and how you are coping with the Xeloda treatment. I have read that there are a few of you that have taken it for a number of years with some really great results.
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