"We know that as many as 6 in 10 cancer survivors have problems of insomnia,
which is up to three times the rate found in the general population."

@SoldierCrab pointed out the Survivorship Center and I found this leaflet in their resources: Can-Sleep making night time sleep problems go away from the Peter MacCallum Cancer Center. It's got a lot of very straight forward information as a starting point, but I want to hear what you've found that has helped you, and how you have handled 'the vicious cycle of sleep deprivation' if you've experienced it.

I have felt fatigued, lethargic, and overall exhausted since it all started, and when it all finished (in that it-never-finishes way) I was left feeling not much better. I spent an entire year spending days and sometimes weeks as hit by fog, poor memory, physical weakness, and even nausea as hard as if treatment was starting again.

For me this is a BIG issue. I'm sure I've posted and asked questions about it before, but all the conventional 'tricks' don't seem to cut it.

No caffeine even eight hours before bed, exercise, cut out screen time and cut back on sugar? Done.
[Tosess around for three hours and stares at the ceiling in the darkness for another hour doing the most mundane mind-calming exercises]
Okay, cool, when does the sleep happen. Oh hey it's 6AM, guess I'll get up.
[Fast asleep on the couch by 2, awake by 5, goes to bed at 10PM, wakes up at 3AM]
This is better I guess, I'll stay awake all day and get a really good sleep tonight!
[Falls asleep at 9AM]
...Damn it!

What actually works?


  • Zoffiel
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    I have no idea. Serapax? Apparently that is a no no and is very very bad. Which plodding through life in a state of exhaustion is not? I have no idea. It's going to be a very long day. Mxx
  • Polly Rose
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    @InkPetal I’m 100% behind you with the no sleep problem. I’ve had a back procedure in hospital yesterday and even though I  was sedated for it ( usually that would have me sleeping well for 24 hrs) I’m wide awake now as it has stirred  up the pain. I rang the hospital to get advise on pain meds as per their flyer instructions but was advised to ring nurse on call. When I pointed out that nurse on call would not have my records and my pain relief options are limited by heart issues caused by chemo, I got told that I can’t speak to a doctor unless I come in ($200 thanks) and so I was reluctantly put through to a nurse who was lovely but told me to take whatever I had (Tramadol or Palexia) without even asking my name or checking my file to see what else I’ve already been given in the last 24 hours. 
    Before BC I could sleep through anything but now I sleep so lightly that anything can keep me awake. It’s yet another little extra that no one mentions until your feeling like a sleep deprived zombie.
    @InkPetal and @Zoffiel I hope you both get some rest soon. Take care ladies.😀
  • kmakm
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    I haven't had a decent night's sleep since 23rd November, 2017. I dread going to bed every night. Difficulty getting to sleep, repeated waking, bladder irritation, and endless hot flushes. Currently trying to get up half an hour earlier to rejig my going to bed time. As I am a night owl this very difficult...
  • Doin'it
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    More nights I fall asleep on the couch by 8! Go to bed around 10 then I’m wide awake 😩
  • AllyJay
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    Sleep....aaahhhh yes, I think I remember that...many. many moons ago. Most often fall asleep on the sofa watching Netflix, move to bedroom, take meds, brush teeth, read kindle, and sometimes drift off. Then a mouse farts, or a spider sneezes, or a car drives down the road, or some twit walks down the road using their phone...or..or...or. then eyes fly open and that's me for the night. Have tried going to bed before the sofa bit and falling asleep there, and the result is the same. If it's not noise that wakes me, it's the need to turn over. Whatever it is, once woken, that's me for the night. I'm more than exhausted.
  • kezmusc
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    I just wanted to say thanks re the travel pillows.  Much cooler which makes a big difference.  

    What works........hmmmm, mersyndol.  Harder to get than crack these days though.

    Trying to watch something on tv that you really want to,  fall asleep.  Turn tv off, instantly wide awake.  Turn tv back on and finish said program. Turn tv off, lay there thinking about random weird stuff.  :neutral:

  • AllyJay
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    @kezmusc, So pleased to hear that the smaller ones are helping as far as the heat goes. I have an assortment of high strength pain meds, none of which I can use due to not having the two enzymes necessary to process them. Fentanyl patches, some other morphine bases patches, (forget the name), oxycodone, endone targin,, hydromorph, lyrica....Hmmm, maybe I should purchase a baseball cap, wear it backwards, buy some baggy pants, and head for Oxford Street. Then, I can go and retire in the Bahamas...
  • SoldierCrab
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    My Psychologist suggested several different  types of mediation and relaxation CD's 
    I have found some good others not so good 

  • Zoffiel
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    No sleep /:
  • SoldierCrab
    SoldierCrab Member Posts: 3,431
    Hey Zoffiel sleep is for the wicked I believe ;)

  • Sister
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    I think @zoffiel must be snoring away then!
  • Silba
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    Longest sleep I've had 5 hours straight , while being knocked out in hospital since march 2018.

    It's like little cat naps  20 mins and awake again, my cat sleeps more than me .........
  • Sister
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    So does mine...except when he goes around the house crying out for attention at 4:30am.
  • DearB
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    Soooooo we are about to be living our absolute dream very shortly and I am trying to come up with business ideas to make enough so maybe I don’t need to work full time.

    but with so many ideas floating around now I can’t sleep how long can you get by with only 2 to four hours sleep ?

    Should I get some sleeping tablets ?

    Should I get another blood test what if something isn’t quite right at the moment is this anxiety telling me the move isn’t as amazing as I think it is.

     I know the grass isn’t always greener but it actually seems greener in Torquay  
    Am I Going crazy ?

    I keep saying this is my chance to work smarter not harder but say it the wrong way so I actually say this is my chance to work harder not smarter. Dam it 

    should I go to go and get some sleeping tablets or should I go straight to a physch?