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Exersize with sub pec implant

VallerinaVallerina Member Posts: 178
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Hi everyone. I have  just  started  back my favourite sport,  lap swimming 18 months after my single side  recon with silicon implant behind the muscle. It's going well just a little bit weird stretching feeling. The implant still feels really firm and slightly tight . My question is for other ladies that do chest exercises with a sub pec implant. I'm scared that the exercise is going to build up the muscle in front of my implant and flatten it or make it tighter. I mean that's usually the whole point of exercise  but I don't want this muscle developed specially since it's single side and there's already a difference. I know a lot of you have gone back to gyms etc and would b interested to know your experiences.  Any  insights gratefully appreciated. Thank you.


  • SoldierCrabSoldierCrab Bathurst NSW Member Posts: 3,266
  • ZoffielZoffiel Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 2,971
    My implants have squashed flat, but I don't think swimming laps is responsible. I don't seem to build much muscle swimming but it's been great for increasing my ROM.
    More likely swinging an axe, pony wrestling, pushups, wood chucking and hay carting are to blame for the flattened foobs. 
  • VallerinaVallerina Member Posts: 178
    Thanks  @Zoffiel. That's good to know. Sounds like you have an active life. I work in an antique shop and move furniture around a lot and I'm pretty active too.my hubby says just try to do what you've always done and worry about a problem if and when one occurs and I do like his advice but still like to check how others have coped.  Have a great weekend. 
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    Well I was swimming and doing pump classes until my shoulder gave out. My implant has not changed shape and has softened over 12 months. I wouldn't worry about that aspect at all or they would give us a hearty lecture about it pre surgery if it was an issue. 
  • VallerinaVallerina Member Posts: 178
    @primek . Thank you. How frustrating your shoulder giving out on you. Is it something that can be fixed.??
    Glad to know you didn't have problem with the implants tho. 
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