Chemo is finished, my hair is growing - should I shave my head to thicken my hair? Is there ...

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any truth in this or is it an old wives tale.  Calling any hairdressers professional opinions and anyone else who can help me out.  Have an awesome day today, wherever you are in your Cancer journey...Ninny


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    I'm no hairdresser but to the best of my knowledge, it will only give the illusion of thickness due to the hair being one length.  However, I did go back to a No. 1 to get rid of that awful white fluffy first regrowth.
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    Welcome to the Blog, @Ninny - feel free to fill us in with your story & how you found us.

    Seems a shame to shave it just when it is starting back again ..... maybe do as @Sister suggests .... tidy it up with a No 1 - who knows - it may even come back curly!  Hubby's did!

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    Most hairdressers recommend frequent trims, not shaving. Helps give your hair done shape/style while not starting from scratch! 
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    Being bald actually suits me and I've done this twice, so I'm kind of used to it. I hate the bumfluff. It's great to see some activity on your noggin, but that weirdo poodle hair was more of an insult than having none at all. It was a constant reminder of treatment which I didn't want to deal with. Heaps of people have really short hair for non cancer reasons, I decided I'd rather pretend to be one of them.
    I kept mine buzzed at a #4 for nearly 18 months and am only now starting to grow it to a  non-statement length, It's  really thick and looks like normal hair, even though it is, and always has been, unruly
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    I shaved mine a few times to get rid of the fluffy regrowth before I let it grow out 
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    @Zoffiel. Being more of a cat person I never thought about looking like a poodle but yes  a very apt description. I've just started teasing mine and getting a bit of a Guy Sebastian 'fro' going on. It's getting a lot of compliments. With all the weird and wonderful short haircuts these days  makes growing hair back from chemo blend in real good. Anything that doesn't define what we've been through and makes us able to be as normal as possible is a good thing.. Our hair is our crowning glory and the hair loss is shattering to our psyche.. As it grows back,  so we are restored. 
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    OMG just got my new wig. It's beautiful (I'm a collector). Wowee  only cost $33 from Hivision. Quick delivery, only 2 weeks.. The top of it is so natural you can't tell its a wig.  A lot of otherwise nice wigs are spoilt by the hairline at the front  or horrible partings that give the game away. 
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    I went to my barber shop and got him to use the number 1 trimmer,  as my hair was growing at different rates ,it is now a very flattering pixie , which I can easily manage with a bit of gel .

      So for me getting the bum fluff trimmed off after chemo worked.

      Good luck with whatever you do,

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    I shaved mine twice before letting it grow, only because it was growing uneven 😊 xx
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