New Diagnosis - first oncologist appointment Tuesday.

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Hi everyone,
I've got through all the scans, biopsys, diagnosis etc without too much trouble ( well I did have a little wobbly during the bone scan ) as I am severely claustrophobic and having my feet tied together and the camera touching my nose didn't help, lol

In my brief discussion with the surgeon, he mentioned having a clip inserted and something about blue dye being injected into nipple , I think??

My mind was on overload by then so I think I zoned out, screaming on the inside.

Can someone explain what the clip is? And the blue dye thingy?

When I don't know I tend to get more anxious.

Thanks x


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    I had the clips. They do another biopsy and the tiny clip slides down the needle and attaches to the cancer infected cell. It basically feels the same as a biopsy. I call it test and tag! I didn’t have the blue dye but I know a lot of other ladies here have so they will hop on and let you know. They do the clip to make sure they remove the infected cell. I did a lot of daydreaming with my numerous tests as it was the only way I could get my mind off the claustrophobia. I only lost it the once but unfortunately it was with the one person who wasn’t at fault. Oh well. I apologised and we moved on. 
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    Hi welcome to the forum.
    This link is from the BCNA website and gives you a better understanding of what your surgeon has mentioned. Amongst is the sentinel node biopsy  (the blue dye)
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    Thanks so much for your prompt replies and the link  :) So nice to have others who have experience to chat with.

    Blossom, I'm sure I will "lose" it again at some point but now I know what the bone scan is like,  I'll take my face mask next time and a valium haha  I did a lot of day dreaming too, it sure did help.
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    Welcome @Nefertari
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    You will you will find the ladies here so very helpful, so I'll let them help you out.
    from me it's just take one day at a time, always take someone with you to appointments. The whole thing is just so much to take in so be gentle with yourself.  Don't google hopefully will find your breast care nurse one of your best source of information.  
    Ask lots of questions, although I know sometimes you don't know what to ask! 
    Keep us posted on how you are travelling.
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    Thank you Sister <3 , it means a lot to have you ladies . I am so grateful to have found this place.  I'm sure you will be sick of my random questions over the course of my treatment, it's just so daunting at the beginning.... 
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    Thanks Lithgow, :) I try not to look at the big picture just take one day (appointment)  at a time.  I have a great breast care nurse but unfortunately she goes on annual leave from 21st for 3 weeks.  I have a bunch of questions for her this Tuesday, she said I can email her and she will get back to me even on holidays but I don't feel right doing that.
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    Hi i had a clip inserted on my core needle understanding of this was so they can find the cancer easier when they do surgery....i also had the blue dye injected...this was so the surgeon can locate the first nodes that the dye drains to (sentinel) the node will turn blue....I still have a blue stain on my breast and my surgery was 7 wks ago...its totally harmless though . 
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    I can't remember about the clip so don't know if I had that or not but I do remember the blue dye.  It can be a bit painful when they put it in but it's only momentary (and possibly anxiety doesn't help the pain, either).  It's harmless and you'll wee blue after surgery (and if you're like me and the anaesthetic doesn't agree with you, what comes up will be blue as well which is even more disconcerting !)  

    We've all had the wobbles at one time or another and you can tell that the medical people are used to it by the proximity of the tissue boxes.  If you're anxiety starts to get the better of you on the day of surgery, your anaesthetist may be able to give you something earlier to calm you down.  It may be worth checking with your surgeon if you can, or with your breast care nurse - never had much to do with one of them so don't really know how far they go.

    And don't worry about the questions to the forum... I doubt that you can ask more than I did!
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    Thanks ladies, feeling much less anxious now about those two are all amazing <3
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    hi Nefertari, 

    Below are a couple of links to help you find your
    way around the forum and also how to find a breast care nurse and how to order
    a MY journey Kit if you haven't got one yet. 

    It can be a whirlwind when we first get a
    diagnosed.... Breathe and take it one step at a time. 

    How to post on the main forum – use this
    link to get to the main forum and begin a new post.


    Navigating the online community formerly the
    what and how thread.

    Breast Care Nurses 

    My Journey online tool and other resources. 

    My Journey Online Tool resources

    BCNA Helpline 1800 500 258

    If you have any questions, concerns or require any further
    information or support please call 1800 500 258. BCNA’s helpline will now be open from
    9am-6pm Monday to Thursday and 9am to 5pm Fridays.  


    How to understand your pathology


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    Thanks SoldierCrab :)
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    Hi Nefertari, welcome to this forum, you will be surrounded by other people with so much knowledge and love.
    We are all here for you , we all know what you are going through with your emotions and anxiety.
    Take one day at a time, and breath
    When I had my bone and CT scan I always ask for a face washer to be placed over my eyes as I’m very closterohobic and I freak out. Didn’t enjoy either scan but I try and take my mind to a nice place and breath.
    I have recently been attending a mindfulness and meditation class which I have found most helpful.
    Do you have a breast cancer nurse? 
    Ask away if you have any questions, someone is always there to help 
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    Hi @Nefertari and welcome. I belong to the blue boob club 😊 my surgery was 4 weeks ago. After my surgery I tried to wash it off thinking it was on the outside of my skin but I think it’s from the inside. And yes you do pee blue for a day or two.  I didn’t have the clips, I had hookwires inserted which is a different procedure.  When that was finished I went to radiology for the dye.  They had 4 fine needles and injected each one around my nipple. I was still numb from the hookwires. The only bit of discomfort is you feel the liquid going in, but they are really nice and will give you time between each one of you need it. Then I was sent away for just over an hour while the dye worked it’s way to the lymph nodes. Then back again for a scan under a machine (it’s does come down low, but not too claustrophobic) where they marked me with pens so the doctor knew where things were. Then they gave me paper copies of the scan and I went off to wait for surgery.
    I had my adult daughter with me and she was allowed to come in which helped me to have someone there.  The staff were lovely and it all moves along pretty fast. You just have to set your mind to getting through it.  Being diagnosed with BC is awful, but once you start getting things done you feel you have some control over it.
    I will be thinking of you and wish you all the best for your procedures xxx
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    @ shellshocked, I have my eye mask in my handbag for next time ;)  I will definitely ask about the meditation at tomorrow's appt.
    @ wonk,  that helps a lot.  I am usually pretty strong with medical stuff but I had already told them that I am VERY claustrohobic having had wobblies at a few MRI's for my back, they all said don't worry it will be fine.  
    I could have taken a valium an my eye mask like I do with MRI's :)