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My last post I was asking if anyone experienced a rash over the breast & lymph node area which has been operated on. 
I was told by my GP yesterday that it is the cancer which has spread to the skin. I had heard that this can happen but was very upset. 
It’s  three years from my first bout of TNBC I’m about to start chemo Thurs 15th. Nov. 
Thank goodness I have a beautiful supportive husband and family.
Unfortunately we had to cancel a cruise to Tasmania which we had to cancel leaving this Sunday. 
O well. 



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    I'm so sorry to hear that @LITHGOW1950. I hope the chemo sorts it out. Big hug, K xox
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    Oh bugger, bum, s..t bum!  That is very unfortunate but hopefully they are onto it early.
    Willing you to a quick recovery
    Take care
    Sending you a virtual hug
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    I'm really sorry to hear this but glad you've got good support.
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    Sorry to hear that @Lithgow1950 This really is a sneaky shit of a disease. I had skin presentation on my recurrence, it wasn't recognized for what is was for some weeks. In my case I had a new tumour (also misdiagnosed) which was breaking through the skin. The tumour was surgically removed, but it still put me back on the chemo bus. I feel for you. Mxx
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    Hopefully the rash will buzz off under the chemo. All the best. <3

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    So sorry to hear all this, @LITHGOW1950. I'm sorry to hear of the spread to your skin, and what a disappointment to have to cancel a cruise to Tasmania.
    I'll be thinking of you tomorrow as you start chemo (again)
    Take care
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    Bugger  Bugger  Bigger .... I am so sorry to hear of this development  @LITHGOW1950 !   Most unusual & so scary!!  

    I had a really weird 'rash' last Fri night that I almost thought was Meningococcal Disease ..... it didn't break the skin, but it was purple spots with bigger splotches around & thru it.  I was really spooked & kept awake all night, checking it (and my torso) for signs of spread!  Scared the shit out of me!!  I was out of phone range of ANYTHING so couldn't even have called for ambulance help if I needed!!   I 'circled' the area with a pen, to keep an eye on it - and it didn't 'grow' .... I can still see the marks but it is getting fainter by the day!

    All the best for you chemo ..... I hope it fixes the problem  xxxx
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    Thoughts are with you and hope chemo is kind. (To you not the bloody cancer) X
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    @zoffiel. Did your rash go away after they removed the Tumor? Or did you need special cream for it? I'm feeling so frustrated with this rash.  Sometime in is almost not there other times it's massive! My oncologist is due back from o/s this week so I'm will try and see her on Wednesday before chemo on Thursday. Sorry to bug you with more questions. 
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    I had a wide excision which removed the tumour and the skin presentation (as well as 15 nodes). It's a hell of a scar, but my rash was probably only about half the size of my palm. The tumour was about the size of a walnut. 

    It sounds like my situation is similar, but not the same as yours. I can't understand why mine wasn't recognised as what it was, but I'm also complicit as I was happy to accept the explanations that were tendered, even though none of them were convincing. I'd been through a similar process in 2006--i had a real struggle to be diagnosed, lobular BC is a sneaky shit of a disease and we'd all prefer not to believe it's come back.

    I had chemo and rads after the surgery. The radiotherapy was touted as being my best chance of long term survival. We will see. Good luck xxx
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    oh Lithgow1950
    What a bitch to think she can come back in your skin, HOPE that chemo sends her packing quickly. please let us know how you are travelling 

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    Thanks Soldiercrab. 🌹
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    Thanks for your reply @zoffiel.  My rash is all over the breast I had the lumpectomy in 2015.  And over and the  around they took the lymph nodes out a month ago and has travelled around my side. Parts of it looks like a bruise.  But it chances appearance.  😒
    So I will definitely see my oncologist next week now she is back from holidays..
    appreciate everyones support.  🌹🌹🌹

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    from jennyss in Western NSW
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