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KateMKateM MelbourneMember Posts: 6
Just wondering what people have done to try and de-toxify after a chemo treatment. 
I'm Day 3 after my first chemo and I feel like I'm no where near feeling half human any time soon.
Any suggestions??? xx 


  • DoodooDoodoo Member Posts: 374
    Hi @KateM. From the day before chemo & every day after I try & drink 3 litres of water to flush toxins out. I’m only day 11 & I’ve been lucky enough to keep eating as usual which helps I think.  Neutrophils dropped very low for a couple of days, but are building back up now. I used magnesium spray on a couple of ulcers that developed & they disappeared in minutes. Also rub magnesium on my glands when they swell. Helps heaps. I use my treadmill most days even when I sooo don’t feel like it & feel so much better afterwards. Doesn’t have to be for long. Good luck with everything x
  • EastmumEastmum SydneyMember Posts: 489
    Hi @KateM - I'm not sure which Chemo regime you're on? I felt really 'out of body' when I was on AC - especially after my first treatment. Now, on Taxol I don't get that anymore but the fatigue definitely lasts for a few days. 

    You'll probably find that things will start improving after days 5-7 and you can actually feel a lot better from one day to the next. 

    If you can, drinking lots of water as @JenniA suggests is a good idea and a lot of people say that exercise helps but I wasn't really exercising much before my treatment started so it wouldn't have worked for me to start during chemo.

    Listen to what your body wants you to do - everyone is different. If you feel tired, rest; if you feel sleepy, sleep; if you're a walker and you want to get out in to the fresh air, go for it; and if you're craving any type of food - eat it! 

    Best of luck with it all!
  • KateMKateM MelbourneMember Posts: 6
    Thank you ladies! Yes Eastmum, first time on AC and it's definitely an 'out of body's experience. 
  • kmakmkmakm MelbourneMember Posts: 7,897
    Water water water. Which means of course the loo rather a lot! But it flushes it through and out. Exercise to get it circulating and to reduce side effects. Studies are showing the more vigorous the better. As @Eastmum said, chemo is probably not the best time to start a new exercise regime! But definitely don't drop your old one and pick up the pace when and if you can.

    I was on TC, a 21 day cycle and it was only week three that I felt 'better'. Week 1 was a wipe out with fatigue, weakness and bone ache. Week 2 was tiredness as my body worked hard to make new blood cells.

    Chemo is cumulative so sometimes these things can build up, but you get used to it, more or less, and the brain adjusts to this new (but temporary!) way of being.

    We all react differently to our treatments so comparing ourselves to others has limited value. All I can really advise is try not to put too many expectations on yourself. Roll with the punches, pace yourself and cut yourself some slack. For most people chemo is a hard slog, but you'll get there. Big hug, K xox
  • SupaSoniqueSupaSonique Member Posts: 1
    edited August 2018
    Hi Kate, Yes, we are all different but if it worked for me maybe this can help you?  Water helped me and so did walking barefooted on the lawn each morning and really enjoying being outside,  even if it was to sit or stretch out. Even just a slow walk to break a sweat in morning sunlight helped me feel better.  I started sleeping propped up on pillows too.  Interesting to read about treating mouth ulcers.  Thank you for sharing.  I have my 3Rd cycle of FEC in 10 days.  I see my physiotherapist in the week before Chemotherapy and this has helped me.  All the best for your cure xoxo S 
  • kezmusckezmusc Member Posts: 1,467
    Hi @KateM,

    AC is a bit nasty to say the least.  For the first two rounds  my crash day was day 4.and 5 then got better.  i didn't do anything too special apart from drink a lot more water than I normally do.  I did find it cumulative and the fourth round a lot more difficult to get over but I think some of that was my fault for not taking it easy.  

    I found planning projects helped to keep my mind busy and not think about things too much.

    If you feel like walking do it, if you feel like mowing the lawn do it, if you feel like watching netflix, drinking wine and eating tim tams that's fine too.  

    Just do what you need to get through and out the other side. 

    All the best
  • Brenda5Brenda5 Burrum Heads, QldMember Posts: 2,392
    Night 5 after chemo used to always be my worst downer. By about day 10 I was resurfacing. Just take things easy and remember your cells are changing out the guard and with new cells especially skin and stomach lining, be gentle on them. Drink 3 liters of water a day religiously.
  • VangirlVangirl Melbourne CBDMember Posts: 311
    On AC I took to my bed for two days the first round. Felt like I'd aged 60 years overnight. Could hardly eat because everything tasted off, even water. Tried a short walk to the shops and felt like I'd run a marathon. All the medics said get some exercise, you'll feel better - but I just physically couldn't. 

    On the three weekly cycle I got one good week, which is when I tried to get out and about, maintain social contact. I also tried to maintain a semblance of my gym routine but I have a tendency to go all gung-ho at the gym which was counterproductive so I settled for walking plus a few body weight excercises at home to keep things ticking over.

    I concur with the drinking plenty of water - makes sense to wash the toxic substances through (and keep you regular!). But everything else, I think you have to play it by ear. 
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