Help for Oesophageal burns

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just looking for suggestions 
i have just completed 10 radiation sessions to thoracic spine and am suffering big time from oesophageal burns 
I’m on a liquid diet and using mylanta with xylocaine gel 4 Hourly but it’s waking me at night and lack of sleep is hard too
soluable panadol is ok but is there any other tricks to settle the reflux like symptoms? 



  • JoeyLizJoeyLiz Member Posts: 319
    We recommend Manuka honey to our patients:)
  • Brenda5Brenda5 Burrum Heads, QldMember Posts: 2,338
    Yep honey and ginger capsules too.

  • TennilleTennille Member Posts: 174
    Pantoprozole works well for the reflux. Will need a script for it though. Also try taking a probiotic. Inner Health Plus Candex is a good one.
  • LITHGOW1950LITHGOW1950 Member Posts: 314
    I am on nexium.  Also find  peppermint oil (couple of drops) helps to settle tummy if that area is playing up.  Good luck. 
  • RobroxRobrox Member Posts: 11
    Thankyou all for the suggestions and support 
    I am on pantoprozole and the doctor even suggested ranatidine as well 
    I tried the Manuka honey today and it did help a little after one use so I will keep that up regularly 
    will try and get some peppermint oil drops 
    I hadn’t thought of probiotics ... 
    again all this supportive info is great I really appreciate it thankyou 
  • primekprimek Broken HillMember Posts: 5,188
    Ranitadine comes in a drinkable form so works quickly. You will need a script. 
  • RobroxRobrox Member Posts: 11
    Will look into that thanks !!!
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