Holiday over.

Just had a great week away in Tassie visiting my daughter and her little family and stayed at a farm retreat near by. It was so relaxing, fresh country air fresh farm produce. A week off chemo ,what bliss.!  I could have stayed there longer.  Im sure that peace and quite, good food and country air would do me much more good than chemo any day.  Oh well , back to scans this week and finding out the results next Friday . I'm feeling a little anxious but hopefully I will get back to Tassie again. It's the best way to charge your batteries. 


  • LMK74LMK74 BrisbaneMember Posts: 783
    That's great @wendy_h67, I hope your scans come with positive news. A break from the monotony is always good.
  • MollygirlMollygirl Brisbane Member Posts: 213
    Yay you @wendy_h67, you deserve a break!! Hugs and everything crossed for you. Xx
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