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Has anyone had their MBC go to their ovaries and how was it treated?


  • brightspace
    brightspace Member Posts: 444
    Hi Tennille sorry this has occurred..what a crazy outcome
    I have been on the american site for a year its great lots of tr e atment info
    ...breastcancer.org..there are many posts for unusual mbc occurances perhaps check the site
    All the best
    Bright in hope
  • lrb_03
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    Hi @Tennille. I don't have MBC. I have read that although rare,  it can go to the ovaries. It is proportionately more likely to happen with LC, but the raw figures are higher for ductal. Not sure what the treatment would be, but at least the removal of the mass and ovary, or more likely both, and hysterectomy. Not sure what other treatment would be required. 
    Thinking of you, Lyn