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Hi all
im so tired, I finished radiation 4 weeks ago and I’ve been on tamoxifen for 2 months.. could this be causing the fatigue, I’ve never been so tired, any tips on how I can get though this
thanks x


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    Hi @Annetted. It could be a lot of things contributing to your fatigue. You've gone through the stress of a cancer diagnosis. You've had surgery. You've started oestrogen suppression medication, and you've had radiotherapy.  The fatigue after radiotherapy treatment does continue to get worse for a few weeks after treatment finishes. Add the tamoxifen to that...... All the research suggests that some form of exercise actually helps with the fatigue, so that could be worth a try. 
    Take care
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    We usually say that fatigue from radiation lasts for the same amount of time as you attended. So if you had 6 wks of it we would expect 6 wks of fatigue after. But of course other factors like the tamoxifen could also affect it. Do try some gentle exercise/walks it does help :)
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    That post radiation tiredness is a surprise but it does usually ease off be kind to yourself was the advise I was given. 
    I didn’t see the help from exercise at first. But it does help. My body needs to get moving before the pain and stiffness goes. So gentle start up. Then I’m fine, a bit like an old car in winter. Slower to start and then let it warm up the engine oil so it is right to drive off. Try to move off too soon without the proper warm up and it splutters and can stall.
    in other words try to get some gentle exercise in. You can only but Try. Start small and build up. 
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    It's still early days after treatment. This link gives some great tips. 

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    I remember the fatigue from radiation was iverwhelming at the end. I remember sitting at the traffic lights thinking l wonder  if l just put my head down on the wheel would anyone notice. Worst ever tirednes. Sleep sleep and more sleep. Adean xx
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    Thankyou everyone ,  have started walking every night and changed my eating habits, I think I just have to remember I’m not super woman and give myself time , I’m just over it xx
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    Umm.  I was feeling over fatigued and actually also have Graves’ disease now.   So maybe a full blood test ?   
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